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Jade Scott Flower Blog hop

At the begin of the month Lorelei had a sign up to win the chance to work with of Jade Scott’s enameled flowers! I signed up for a chance and I WON! I got flower one #3!

So, I have been thinking and thinking what I would do with this gorgeous gorgeous flower. Finally, I had a plan…got it almost done and did not like the beads I had to go with the rest of it! So, Black Friday my SIL Tracey and I went to our local bead shop after we had some coffee at the local coffee house. I found the perfect beads!

“Green eyed brave girl”

Supplies: Jade Scott enameled flower, Pendant from my etsy shop, beads from local bead shop, chain for thrift store, and toggle from Artbeads

Here is a photo of me wearing the necklace…my 6 year old took the photo 😉

NOW Check out what the other ladies did:

1. Lorelei Eurto


2.  Serena Trent


3. Susan Raber


4. Shawna Tobias


5. Lucid Moon Studio


6. K Hutchinson *** you are here***


7. Gigi- Gigi’s pics will be on Lorelei Eurto blog post, she doesn’t have a blog.


8. Lois Moon

Thanks so much for taking a peek at what I created! Hope you enjoy the hop!


15 thoughts on “Jade Scott Flower Blog hop”

  1. Very awesome K! I love it!! You got a great color, that green is awesome. I like the pairing with one of you own pendants, and the fabric flowers give this piece so much texture! Thanks for playing along!

  2. I love the fabric flowers mixed in with the other elements! I really wanted to include something made of fabric with mine, but couldn’t come up with anything. I also love the unique pendant! Great job!!

  3. I love it! Looks so pretty on you. I really like the silk flowers and you are right, those rounds are perfect with the pendant and the flower. Well done!

  4. What a beauty! I love the fabric flowers with the enameled flower and how your pendant ties them all together with the beads. That toggle perfectly mimics the roll of the fabric flowers.

  5. I really like that necklace. I’m glad you took a picture of you wearing it because it shows the beauty of the piece while worn.

    I love the deep green of the flower you got, very pretty.

  6. AWESOME work, K!! I love this creation, and I especially love that you have been filling up your Etsy store with your beautiful pendants (I think I favorited a half dozen the other day!)

    And as if that isn’t enough … do you have your tree up already?! You have been busy.

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