heArt exchange

At the begining of the month, I sign up for an heART exchange hosted by Louise Gale. It was simple just make a gift from your heart to your receivers heart! I thought it would be a wonderful thing to do as we start this holiday season.

We got paired up. I got the lovely Rachel Andrews. Rachel does not have a blog (but she should 🙂 ) but does have a wonderful facebook page called Creative Healing.

Here is what Rachel sent me:

This lovely Mandala. It is so funy, I have always loved and admire mandalas! It looks lovely in my living room. It puts a smile on my face each day when I walk into that room! I can feel the love pouring out it! Thanks again, Rachel!

After much thinking on what I wanted to send Rachel. I came up with this:

It has everything in it that I love! Recycled sari silk, owls, enameling, and collage! I hope Rachel, can feel the love in it!

Here is how I packaged up Rachel’s necklace:

This summer when we were up at the family farm. The boys and I took leaves and did spray washes over them. Some with glitter mist and some with regular paint! We did them on the big index cards. So one side is from each of the leaves the boys did since they wanted to sent their love too!

This was truly a wonderful experience! Are you spreading love from you heART this holiday season? I know I am 🙂

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “heArt exchange”

  1. Gorgeous, that touch of silk in there…I also love the necklace you made in yesterday’s post!

  2. Hi kim – I love our necklace, and I love that you took so much time to package it so beautifully, so thank you!!
    When I get my blog up and running, I’ll let you know…

  3. How great to try new and fun things! Recycle… I like that word!!! What fun things will we see in the near future???

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