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i heart macro- frozen edition

Nothing like being able to get out in nature and enjoy it’s beauty with a photo buddy . Tracey and I were able to meet up and get our tea,lemon scone and walk in. It was wonderful. I also talked my hubby into going on a photo drive as well one morning.

Here are my macro shots:

Thanks so much for taking time to stop in and see my frozen shots this week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


10 thoughts on “i heart macro- frozen edition”

  1. You took some gorgeous frosty pictures. Wasnt it such a pretty week weather wise? I had a blast with you guys today (and yesterday) I have to say the leaves are my favorite! Well done. Love you!

  2. love your “frosty” shots – they are beautiful! i especially love the way the frost outlines the accentuates the leaves in the first photo.

  3. I’m no fan of snow or cold weather, but these pictures of yours of the frost does help me appreciate its beauty. Thank you.

  4. There is something so beautiful about frost, and freshly fallen snow. Of course I never entertained such thoughts until I started doing photography. Now I wonder: How did I not see it, for all those years? The fourth picture, with the bent over twig encased in ice is my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing.

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