P52, Photography


How does time seem to keep going so fast? I can’t believe it is time again for P52. The theme is Shadows! My household is finally over the flu bug and has moved on to sinus infections. I am the only one not sick right now, I can tell you I am pushing the zinc and air borne and praying I do not get that junk. LOL.

They say if the ground hog sees his shadow early spring! So, I am guess the same goes for the duck! Right????


Here’s to an early spring! Thanks for stopping in to check out my photo! Have a wonderful Friday!


6 thoughts on “P52-Shadows”

  1. The duck is a great substitute for a groundhog. She let you get so close to her to take the photo. Hope everyone in your home is feeling well soon.

  2. An early spring would be fantastic, even if the duck says so.

  3. I hope everyone feels better soon. Such a cute duck. I love the different textures in this photo.

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