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What a week it has been. The weather has been gorgeous for February in WI! I have been able to get roam around in nature. What a calm that brings to your soul!

Before, I show off my macro shots I want to tell you about yesterday’s trip out in Nature. Since Tracey, and I were able to get out on a nature walk earlier in the week. My boys were begging to go out on Saturday. The weather was nice enough, so off we went. We pull into the park as another car is pulling out. Then another car comes into the park and turns around.   I pull into a parking area close to this one tree, I want to check out. I think it might have an owl nest in it. As, I am scanning the woods for the tree.

I see this looking back at me:

I start looking around not one person or car is in the park. So, I get out and see if the dog is friendly. He is really thin and shaking. he does come over to me. I finally let the boys get out of the car. We feed him some french fries.  As he is eating my boys look around the area he was bedded down in. They find a teeny tiny food bowl and water dish. At this point, I say some really bad words and call Tracey to ask for her help.  Tracey was so awesome making phone calls and really getting NO help for this abandon dog. Meet us at the park with some dog food. Helped get him to the humane society.

Turns out that we are in a township and the Humane Society will not take him. No officials from that district will call us back and to this point still  have not! So here, I am stuck with the choice of walking  away knowing that he will die out in the woods or taking him and finding him a home.

What kind of person dumps their dog in a park ? What kind of person thinks that is OKAY? My boys learned many lessons yesterday. I could not be more proud of them.

Okay, now here are my photos for I heart macro:

Thank you all for taking time to stop in a check out my post! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


12 thoughts on “i heart macro”

  1. I am so proud of you for saving that poor dog!!! and your photos are gorgeous. You are right..your boys learned some good life lessons yesterday. I hope you find homeless doggie a home soon

  2. Would you believe it is now 24 hours later and STILL none of the constables have called me back? It is ridiculous! Now maybe we know why people dump their dogs in this township. Obviously no one is willing to help I guess,unless you want to lie as to where you found the dog. I think we all learned some life lessons yesterday. I always felt the Humane Society was sketchy, now I know they are.
    Your photos are gorgeous. I love the stumps the beavers left. So cool. We really had a wonderful week out in nature this week didnt we? It makes me yearn for spring! Love you!

  3. That poor dog. It’s a shame there’s no one to help. Good luck finding him a home.
    Your photos are beautiful as always!

  4. Oh he is so beautiful and you certainly did the right thing. I just wish I were closer because I would gladly take in this poor fella. I know he’ll find a good home.

    Have you had any luck? Did you bring him home with you?

  5. This breaks my heart. I hope you will find a loving family for this beautiful dog. Your macros are lovely, your HEART, exquisite.

  6. Great shots…heartbreaking dog. I think it’s good that the humane society would not take him. They will probably put him to sleep in whatever time limit they have. I pray that you find a rescue or foster family for that guy. Someone left him to die….he needs a happy ending. Proud to know you. Xo

  7. It’s hard to believe that people can be so cruel. I commend you for taking this guy in.

    Great macros!

  8. You know that dogs who are rescued give you their hearts forever? Dogs are smarter than people think and they truly do know when someone cares enough about them to help them out. That dog will be loyal to you and your family forever. (I hope you can keep him) If not, I’m sure you will find a loving home for him, because I know the KIND person you are Kim.

  9. Try Petfinder.com for your beautiful new friend, or see if there are any no kill shelters nearby that will take him in. I love your macro shots, esp. of the spent seed pods and the dried vine

  10. Poor dog 😦 Only a “person” without heart and soul can do something like that.
    I hope soon you will find a warm home full with love for him.
    I like your macro photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. I got a great inspiration of one of these photos!! Maybe I’ll show it to you later 😀

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