I want to let everyone know! I was able to find a home for the sweet Blue tick coonhound  (Blue that is what we called him), I found in the woods over the weekend! He has gone to a good family in the town, I live in!

Blue,  thank you for coming into our lives! It was my pleasure to help you find lovely home! You will always be in my heart! You be good boy!!!!

The other thing, that this experience made me want to do is volunteer for a local organization called Friends of Noah.  When I could not get the Humane Society to take “Blue”! Friends of Noah, was willing to help me! To lead me in a  direction even though the fosters homes were all full. They cared about “Blue” and thanked me for saving his life! Bless them!

Thank you all for the warm comments! It was indeed a very happy Monday!



3 thoughts on “Adopted”

  1. You have a heart of gold, my friend. I’m so glad that YOU found Blue a home. I know that you tried everything in your power to find him a good home! I’m so glad to know a beautiful person as you, K. xoxo

  2. What a great person you are, Kim! Well, I knew it already 😀
    And Blue looks gorgeous!

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