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i heart macro


Oh my here it is Monday, and I am just getting to posting my photos for i heart macro! Seems my life is so full and wonderful. Time just seems to slip on bye….Well, we were out of town for the weekend and then my oldest son ate something that he was allergic to and was horribly sick.

Tracey and I were able to get out and take photos this week too! It is very rare in life that your brother marries someone that you can’t image not having in your life. Tracey is more that a SIL, she is also such and incredible friend! We laugh so hard some times over the silliest things! I love that I can say, you know I feel like singing “Green Acres” and she chimed right in!  Love you, Trace!

Okay on to my photos:

First wooly caterpillar of the season, out sunning itself!

Nothing more dreamy than the  clouds at our family farm

Fence post down by the river

Hawk feather found in the woods

New growth, Spring is here 🙂

Peeling bark

Weeds down by the river

Thanks so much for stopping in to see my photos this week! Hope your week is enjoyable!


3 thoughts on “i heart macro”

  1. WOW! My absolute favorite picture hands down is the hawk feather! That is an amazing shot, all the detail and your composition is wonderful! I cannot believe you got a shot of a woolie bear already! That is crazy! The warmth in all your shots is amazing. Funny how different things look up close. Very well done. Love you!

  2. If spring is as chilly where you are as where I am, then that caterpillar is going to need all the sunshine he can get!

    Red Seeds at Sunrise

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