BJP, Charm

April- BJP

Some how, I got a little behind on my BJP for April. I think part of it was my theme  this month…its a hard one for me . April is Sexual Abuse and Rape awareness month. Being a survivor of Sexual abuse even after it is gone is something you live with each day of your life. I wanted my necklace to centered around surviving, I used a butterfly on my collage to show the flight of your journey you take to heal. The colors: teal is the color for Sexual Abuse and Rape Awareness, Orange is for the color of all the sunsets I watched praying that tomorrow the abuse would end, and the black is for all the dark days of abuse.

Also, I tried some new stuff with the piece. The shape, a new stitch (thanks Tracey), and a new size (21/4  inches x 2 1/4 inches)

Thanks for checking out my piece! I think it is one of my favorite pieces I have made so far in the BJP!



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