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Regal secrets- BJP February

Hi! Here, I am with my February Bead Journal Project.

febbjp1 febbjp2 febbjp3

February is the month my youngest son was born. The birth stone for February is Amethyst. Which is the color purple. So that is why I used purple. The color purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, enhancing the sacred, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity. The white beads represent  pure, clean, and innocent. Then the locket is to hold the deepest secrets of your heart. Most wears of lockets put a picture or a lock of hair in it. A locket is entirely personal and sentimental to the wearer.

I am almost back on track with my Bead Journal Project. I am currently about half done with March.

Thanks for stopping in to visit today.



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Blooming Love- BJP

Good Saturday Morning everyone-

I know I have got away from blogging but I am back. I will be posting every Saturday morning. Today, I am here to show you my Bead Journal Project for this year. Of course, I am all ready behind. But, I am hoping to catch up with week.  Tracey and I spent a lot of time talking about going outside our comfort levels and trying something new. So, I decide I would do circles with needle felting and embellished with beads.



Here is the piece as I got started.


Putting all the elements together.


Close up of it all done.



The finished piece.

Now let me tell you a little about the piece.  The birthday stone for January is Garnet and is normal red. Red garnets have long been associated with blood purification.  To me meaning a clean fresh start.  Blue is the color of loyalty and faith so I out lined some of the felting in blue.  I used red seed beads too to show power that you need to have a clean start. Yellow suggest freshness. the color gold is associated with wealth and prosperity which I believe comes with a new beginning. The key is to help you unlock all the doors you thought were closed or to hard to open. The wooden bead that says LOVE is to remind you to keep love in our heart.  Then you truly can have a blooming love all year long.

Thanks so much for stopping in.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my Bead Journal Project.





Bead Journal Project



Here is my piece for January’s Bead Journal Project.

What this piece means to me. First, I did an oval (egg) shape since it means new starts. Nothing more perfect for a first clean start for the new year. I did a collage under a piece of glass. On the collage is the word bright. Which means to give out a lot of light, vibrant, and luminously. I am so hoping to have my soul be so vibrant this year. Next on the collage, I used a butterfly (okay half a butterfly). Butterflies symbolize  a powerful transformation. Which is one of the many things I am working on this year. To be okay being me. Last is the color of the beads I choose and what they mean. Blue beads, mean trust and peace. Green beads, balance and growth. Silver beads, soothing and calm. Gold beads, success and achievements.  These are all the things I want for myself this year!


Thanks for stopping in to see my piece.




Bead Journal Project 2013- February

I am on time this month for my Bead Journal Project, Matters of my Heart.  So, what is in my heart this month? My youngest son, Ben. This month he turned 8 years old.  Benner is a complicated boy with a very dry sense of humor. He beats his own drum on his own time.  I love him more than he will ever know.

sideBJPfebwish BJPFebwish




Let me tell you about my heart. First lets talk about the heart inside the heart. It is a collage I made. I used the word wish on it. Wish means to have a desire or yearning; to long; to hanker. I wish for Ben to be the best Ben he can be! Also, on the heart is the number 5, which is his favorite number. The spiritual meaning of the number five is travel, adventure, and motion. Ben is full of all these things.

Next, let me tell you about my color choices.

-Orange which is Ben’s (also my) favorite color: means social communications. I hope that Ben continues to learn the importance of using his words first then react.

– Turquoise: means clarity of mind.  A clear mind means a happy heart.

-Pink: unconditional love and nurturing. I will always have this for Ben.

– Silver: emotional, sensitive and mysterious. Ben is all of these things.

-White: innocence. Benner, I hope you always hold a little innocence in our soul.

So,  there you have it! This is what is in my heart this month! What is in your heart this month?

Thanks for stopping in to check out my work. Enjoy your day and brighten someones HEART!



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Bead Journal Project 2013- January

I am a little late in posting my 1st Bead Journal Project of 2013.  Let me tell you about my theme this year.  The official name I am using is Matters of my Heart.  I am using a heart shape which I will do each month. I cut out my Nicoles BeadBack and Ultra suede with Amuse Studios heart trio die set using the largest heart in the set. Which measures about 1.484” x 1.289”. Using  embroidery improvisationally beading because I really wanted to just bead what was in my heart for the  month.

So, what was the matters of my heart for January…..mental illness is was at the for front of my heart. Yes, with the Sandy Hook tragedy so fresh in my mind but also my own childhood. Unless you have or do live with someone with a mental illness you can’t understand what a “typical” day is like.





As my main color,  I used many shades of green. First reason,  I used green is the color of the awareness ribbon for bipolar disorder. Also green is the color of balance and growth. I know what a struggle it is for everyone effect by this disease to find balance. I hope and prayer for more growth in understanding this disease. I used accents of gold (for success), white (for wholeness), and black (because it is the a hidden disease).

The little collage I made was to cover up a bead I cracked,  but in hindsight I think it was to show how people and people living with people with a mental illness cover things up. Okay, on the collage I used, butterfly wings (fly free), the word me (I lived with a parent with mental illness), the number 1 for January, and stars (to show you can shine).

1 in 17 adults have a mental illness. Something they can’t control just like heart disease. You are born with it. Please show patience, mercy and love to these people and their families! I will get off my soap box now.

Thanks so much for stopping in check out my Bead Journal. I am hoping to be on top next month. SMILE!




Bead Journal Project- June

Hello everyone,

I know I have been really slipping on my Bead Journal Project…I am months behind and then I skipped the month of May. I promise, I will come back to it. I will be glad when the boys are back in school and I have a little more time to create!

Here is my June, Bead Journal piece (the whole thing)


The pendant-


The clasp


So let me tell about this necklace- Tied up with strength and buttoned with love.  Some months you need more strength to get though. Memories can be a joy but also a heart ache. June is a month that requires a little extra strength to get though. So, that is why the pendant has strength on it. The number 6 for the month of June. The violet because with strength your soul blooms, sometimes you do not think you have flowered but you have. But, before we get to the flowering and blooming we sometimes have to tie a knot and hold on with all our strength. Then once we have it all tied down we button it down to hold in the love.

I am hoping to get caught up here soon, but it is life be in it, right? Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my piece! Have a great weekend!


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April- BJP

Some how, I got a little behind on my BJP for April. I think part of it was my theme  this month…its a hard one for me . April is Sexual Abuse and Rape awareness month. Being a survivor of Sexual abuse even after it is gone is something you live with each day of your life. I wanted my necklace to centered around surviving, I used a butterfly on my collage to show the flight of your journey you take to heal. The colors: teal is the color for Sexual Abuse and Rape Awareness, Orange is for the color of all the sunsets I watched praying that tomorrow the abuse would end, and the black is for all the dark days of abuse.

Also, I tried some new stuff with the piece. The shape, a new stitch (thanks Tracey), and a new size (21/4  inches x 2 1/4 inches)

Thanks for checking out my piece! I think it is one of my favorite pieces I have made so far in the BJP!




BJP- March

Well, here it is April 1st and I am finally done with my March Bead Journal Project. Yep, I know a day late and a dollar short! LOL!

Okay, so for this month I wanted to do something pretty special since March is my birthday Month and this year I celebrated the big 4-0!

So, let me tell you about this piece. The collage is the same size as the past two month (January and February). I used the words wishing heart on it since a heart is my symbol. I see them every where I go. Love just seems to be all around me.

Proof this is my coffee:

Next, I used the black winged shaped beads to symbolize my animal totem, bats! Freshwater pearls to represent my love for the water and being a Pisces. Blue and pink to represent the sky line.

“I wish you bluebirds in the Spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss,
But more than this,
I wish you love!”

Written by: A. A. Beach & C. Trenet

Always follow your wishing heart!

Thanks for checking out my project this month. I hope to be done early next month and not feel the pressure of the dead line. Happy Sunday!



BJP- February

Well, here I am finally finishing and posting my Bead Journal Project on the very last day! Thank you, leap year 🙂

This month, I used the same size mini collage in the middle of the pendant as last month. I choose the word blooming because on all the nature walks, I have been taking things are starting to get buds.  2 of course for the second month February. The star shaped flowers to go with the stars, I put on the collage. Green leaves for the new growth that is starting. The amber and orange beads to show the gorgeous colors of the sunsets this time of year! The shape of the piece is to represent a compass, blooming any direct you go!

It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain

Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my Bead Journal Project this month!  Hope you have a lovely day!




My first bead journal project, I wanted to use my word of the year harmony. I did my collage first. I put the collage  on a old game piece and then seal it! On the collage I also a used a bird to show flight/soar and flowers to symbolize growth (blooming). Two things you need to have find perfect harmony. Next with the beading, I used 6 little blue beads, little eggs to show all the potential waiting to be nurtured. Sounded by a little ice of winter. I use the peachy gold and blue for winter sky.

Looking For a Sunset Bird in Winter by Robert Frost
The west was getting out of gold,
The breath of air had died of cold,
When shoeing home across the white,
I thought I saw a bird alight.

In summer when I passed the place
I had to stop and lift my face;
A bird with an angelic gift
Was singing in it sweet and swift.

No bird was singing in it now.
A single leaf was on a bough,
And that was all there was to see
In going twice around the tree.

From my advantage on a hill
I judged that such a crystal chill
Was only adding frost to snow
As gilt to gold that wouldn’t show.

A brush had left a crooked stroke
Of what was either cloud or smoke
From north to south across the blue;
A piercing little star was through.

Thanks for checking out my BJP for January! Hope you have a wonderful day!