Bead Journal Project 2013- February

I am on time this month for my Bead Journal Project, Matters of my Heart.  So, what is in my heart this month? My youngest son, Ben. This month he turned 8 years old.  Benner is a complicated boy with a very dry sense of humor. He beats his own drum on his own time.  I love him more than he will ever know.

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Let me tell you about my heart. First lets talk about the heart inside the heart. It is a collage I made. I used the word wish on it. Wish means to have a desire or yearning; to long; to hanker. I wish for Ben to be the best Ben he can be! Also, on the heart is the number 5, which is his favorite number. The spiritual meaning of the number five is travel, adventure, and motion. Ben is full of all these things.

Next, let me tell you about my color choices.

-Orange which is Ben’s (also my) favorite color: means social communications. I hope that Ben continues to learn the importance of using his words first then react.

– Turquoise: means clarity of mind.  A clear mind means a happy heart.

-Pink: unconditional love and nurturing. I will always have this for Ben.

– Silver: emotional, sensitive and mysterious. Ben is all of these things.

-White: innocence. Benner, I hope you always hold a little innocence in our soul.

So,  there you have it! This is what is in my heart this month! What is in your heart this month?

Thanks for stopping in to check out my work. Enjoy your day and brighten someones HEART!



11 thoughts on “Bead Journal Project 2013- February”

  1. That is soooo sweet! I love how you’ve made it to be able to be a pin or a pendant!

  2. This is gorgeous Kimmer. I knew it would have a lot of symbolism, and I was right. I love everything from the colors to the collage. Just perfect.

  3. Hi K, wow, what a gorgeous piece. You surprise me all the time. Orange is one of my favourite colours too. It was very interesting to read everything you said today. You found us lots of cool tidbits of info.

  4. Love it! I think it’s tiny, right! OMG… so much detail in a tiny place. Great photo as well…. intentional cracked paint… or real? Love that as your back drop!!!

  5. This is a very lovely, cheerful heart, great detail and colour, plus texture. You are asking what is in our hearts this month. I can’t tell for the entire month, but tonight I definitely feel very happy, after having taken part in a painting group of three. We did monoprinting this evening, accompanied by animated conversation and many laughs. Many times it is the small things that make our heart sing.

  6. This is gorgeous, I love it. Thank you for sharing your story about Ben, he sounds like a great kid and your love for him shines through in your beadwork heart.

  7. Wow ! I love your heart …. Especially the one inside you ! What a great way to express your feelings ! You are an amazing talent !

  8. Very well done, quite charming. I really like the placement and variety of the beads surrounding the smaller heart. Well done.

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