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Bead Journal Project 2013- January

I am a little late in posting my 1st Bead Journal Project of 2013.  Let me tell you about my theme this year.  The official name I am using is Matters of my Heart.  I am using a heart shape which I will do each month. I cut out my Nicoles BeadBack and Ultra suede with Amuse Studios heart trio die set using the largest heart in the set. Which measures about 1.484” x 1.289”. Using  embroidery improvisationally beading because I really wanted to just bead what was in my heart for the  month.

So, what was the matters of my heart for January…..mental illness is was at the for front of my heart. Yes, with the Sandy Hook tragedy so fresh in my mind but also my own childhood. Unless you have or do live with someone with a mental illness you can’t understand what a “typical” day is like.





As my main color,  I used many shades of green. First reason,  I used green is the color of the awareness ribbon for bipolar disorder. Also green is the color of balance and growth. I know what a struggle it is for everyone effect by this disease to find balance. I hope and prayer for more growth in understanding this disease. I used accents of gold (for success), white (for wholeness), and black (because it is the a hidden disease).

The little collage I made was to cover up a bead I cracked,  but in hindsight I think it was to show how people and people living with people with a mental illness cover things up. Okay, on the collage I used, butterfly wings (fly free), the word me (I lived with a parent with mental illness), the number 1 for January, and stars (to show you can shine).

1 in 17 adults have a mental illness. Something they can’t control just like heart disease. You are born with it. Please show patience, mercy and love to these people and their families! I will get off my soap box now.

Thanks so much for stopping in check out my Bead Journal. I am hoping to be on top next month. SMILE!



15 thoughts on “Bead Journal Project 2013- January”

  1. The idea of covering things up is really powerful. Thanks for sharing your story and this lovely piece!

  2. The beaded heart looks so sweet, one would not suspect a grave background.

  3. I salute you for portraying such a strong and important message in your beautiful beading.
    Marty S

  4. You turned the negative of a cracked bead in to a very powerful positive by sharing the concept of “covering up” – Great work!

  5. This is just lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing your development of your heart. I look forward to seeing the next 11 months!!

  6. Your piece turned out great. I cant believe how much detail you have in such a tiny size. All of your details and the meanings behind them are amazing. I don’t know how you do it. Its so sad the children are affected
    g so negatively by mental illness and a shame more people don’t get the help they so badly need. Too many people in denial or unwilling to put the effort into getting better. Hugs and love.

  7. I love the heart shape and how you executed this. Great color symbolism, , Can’t wait to see the next heart.

  8. such a gorgeous little brooch! love the sheme and the sentiment. Kal,x

  9. Insight, beauty and meaning in a little treasure. Looking forward to February.

  10. This is so lovely, made with much thought ❤
    Friendly greetings from Finland, hugs!

  11. Your plan for the year pleases me very much, as does your January heart matter, as does your compassion about mental illness. Thank you. Don’t feel pressured to make your journal smile… whatever is real will be appreciated.

  12. Awesome pendent. Your beading is so professional. Thank you for making us aware of mental illness. Yes, people do need to be more understanding and patient.

  13. Kim, wow, I was admiring the “pretty pin”… glad I kept going and read your wonderful commentary. You are of course correct in noting that one must live with mental illness to truly understand its impact. I am hopeful that as a society, we will gather the sad lessons learned, the result of our ignoring mental health needs, and then make the connections necessary so that ALL will reach their potential. Thanks for keeping the conversation moving!

  14. stopping by all the blogs taking part in the bead soup blog party. cant wait to see what you make!

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