Bead Journal Project



Here is my piece for January’s Bead Journal Project.

What this piece means to me. First, I did an oval (egg) shape since it means new starts. Nothing more perfect for a first clean start for the new year. I did a collage under a piece of glass. On the collage is the word bright. Which means to give out a lot of light, vibrant, and luminously. I am so hoping to have my soul be so vibrant this year. Next on the collage, I used a butterfly (okay half a butterfly). Butterflies symbolize  a powerful transformation. Which is one of the many things I am working on this year. To be okay being me. Last is the color of the beads I choose and what they mean. Blue beads, mean trust and peace. Green beads, balance and growth. Silver beads, soothing and calm. Gold beads, success and achievements.  These are all the things I want for myself this year!


Thanks for stopping in to see my piece.



3 thoughts on “Bead Journal Project”

  1. Wow, your beading is really intricate. Love the colour combination and the meaning behind it. Your collage is lovely as well. You rock!

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