Needle Punch

Things have been really hectic here….so I have not had a lot of time to spend down in my studio. Plus, I have hit allergy season…spring and I are not BFF’s 😦

So, I have been doing some more needle punching.  It’s so fun and relaxing. So, of course I went all crazy researching all about needle punch. Ordered good supplies. I am still waiting on the gripper frame. Fingers crossed it comes tomorrow!



Of course Ben, had to give it a try too! He likes doing it!


A button jar- I used hot glue and melted a little of the string on the B…oh well live and learn.


A little love jar to put candy in


A tulip to put on a journal cover.

What is everyone else working on…I am finally heading back to my studio today. Monday, I will have a new project for you using Genuinely Jane Studios. I also got my beads from my bead soup partner so I will be sharing that real soon as well!

3 thoughts on “Needle Punch”

  1. I love this…. is this hard? it looks hard but relaxing at the same time! Your talent in every field is amazballs!!! great job friend! loves-Madge

  2. love your needle punched projects Kim…..great job on each one….I haven’t done this in years.

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