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Off and running

Well, the summer is off and running! The boys got one day off of school (Friday) before they started summer school today! They had a lot of fun today but they hated getting up early! Summer school starts 15 minutes before regular school starts! Summer school is only 3 1/2 hours.

After I picked them up we had a quick lunch and un-plugged and played a game of Life! It is one of their favorite games to play on my iPad! When they finished playing, I asked them which was more fun the “board game” or the “electric” and they both said “BOARD GAME”!

Then we headed down to the library. I thought the explorer program started today, nope next week! UGH! But we still had fun! They love to hang out at the library!

Some of the fun we had at the library!

Once we got home from the library we started on our assignments! Yep, assignments in summer! LOL! Not from school from Carla Sonheim,  I signed us up for the Junk Mail Artist’s  book class. At summer school they do not have an art program so I thought this would be fun for all of us.

Our first assignment for JMAB- class was to do line drawings without lifting out pens and then to gesso 10-12 pieces of junk mail.

The boys did so great! They thought brayering the gesso was so much fun!

Here are mine, I did the warm up exercise of doodling your symbol too!

What is in plan for the rest of our day? Well, a walk, a nature movie (on arctic animals) and another game of Life! What do you all have going on?

Tomorrow, I hope to be back with some new little gems…I am having a heck of a time getting them to dry with this humid weather we are having!

Thanks for stopping in!


2 thoughts on “Off and running”

  1. Looks like you are all having fun again., Love your doodles. How about some of those bird images for us?

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