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Right, the word I can use to describe my life is CHAOS. Not that is a bad thing, just is how it is. Seems like something is always going on, an appointment to get to, a place to be, need to get “stuff” done  etc…

First, I will tell you about my Bead Soup partner- Marta Weaver. She is one talented lady with two etsy shops- one that she sells her jewelry pieces (which are GORGEOUS)  and one that she sells supplies Dream Girl Beads.

We had to have our beads out by Monday:

Here is the the package I sent her:

This is what I sent her? Isn’t it pretty, yep I know I’m teasing you 😉 You will see it soon.

I did spent a little time in my studio working on this mini collage. I used some different materials to do the back ground then I normally work with. Alcohol inks! I used them over the acrylic paint.

The last thing I will share from my chaos, is Sam had to go up to the Big city to a specialist today at the Children’s hospital.  Of course to add the to the stress hubby locked the keys in the car! It’s wonderful they have a locksmith on staff! LOL!

On Monday, we will be going  back and spending the day! They will be putting Sam out to do some testing!  Saying prayers it all goes well and we get some answers!

We stopped at Gigi’s cupcakes on our way home:

It was a sweet ending to our day!

Thanks for stopping in to visit!


3 thoughts on “CHAOS”

  1. Your days are quite full. Saying a little prayer that it all goes well! I think it’s so cool you can document every step of the way, the good, the bad, the happy and the awesome times. Thanks for taking me along on some of your journeys!!! What surprises are coming up???? If I wished you peace & quiet… how will all the fireworks go off all around you???????

  2. Wow, there is always something major on your plate. I feel so sorry for you. I hope the testing goes well. Keep us posted. Your artwork is lovely and how nice that you can find time in your chaotic life to do some art. Keep up the good work.

  3. Sorry I haven’t been around to see all your beautiful work and hear of the happenings for so long. My prayful thoughts are with you.

    Absolutely love your acrylic paint and alcohol ink art! Would love to hear a few more details. Thanks for sharing!

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