Ice arm candy!

Things have been busy and stressful. But we are all making it though. I think we have the worst of it behind us now! Thank goodness!

My boys are always wanting me to make them something. So, I found this idea about penny necklaces. You take a penny drill a hole in it and put an image on it, seal it, and put a jump ring though it. Done. When we were on vacation Ben had gotten a box of Milwaukee Brewers cookies. I saved the box.

Here is the necklace using the cookie box and a penny!

The boys love them! Next time,  I would thin the cardboard out some. GO BREW CREW!

A few days a go I got a text from my SIL Tracey– sent you an email for this awesome bracelet! Of course, I had to check it out ASAP! Let me tell you, the bracelet is gorgeous! Today, I was I am at hobby lobby to get the supplies (as Tracey is texting me the progress of her bracelet- it was stunning). They did not have size 5 seed beads, Tracey said she got size 6 seed beads and size 6 jump. rings. So, that is what I did too!

Another thing that I varied from the tutorial is I did not use waxed linen cord, I used DMC memory thread (I am truly in love with this stuff). Tracey said she used 1 mm leather cord. Used what you like best!

Here is my bracelet: Ice Arm Candy

GORGEOUS, right? So easy too! Seriously even if you don’t bead you can make this! It would be fun and cheap Girl’s night in project too!

Tomorrow, I will be back to tell you all about what I got from my bead soup partner and what I sent her! Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your day!


5 thoughts on “Ice arm candy!”

  1. Very beautiful Kim 🙂 It’s look complicated to make even if you say it’s easy 😀
    HAve a wonderful day!

  2. What, it’s that easy? It doesn’t look like it. I also love how you grouped the photos in three sections. It shows off your beautiful jewellery.

  3. I still remember when thea posted her picture from the bead soup blog hop with those offset jump rings. Now that she has the tutorial i can’t believe how easy it is!! I really need to get to michael’s for some jump rings.

    Yours turned out wonderful!!

  4. GF absolutely gorgeous will have to check the tut also like your necklace you are just so darn creative.

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