Ice arm candy!

Things have been busy and stressful. But we are all making it though. I think we have the worst of it behind us now! Thank goodness!

My boys are always wanting me to make them something. So, I found this idea about penny necklaces. You take a penny drill a hole in it and put an image on it, seal it, and put a jump ring though it. Done. When we were on vacation Ben had gotten a box of Milwaukee Brewers cookies. I saved the box.

Here is the necklace using the cookie box and a penny!

The boys love them! Next time,  I would thin the cardboard out some. GO BREW CREW!

A few days a go I got a text from my SIL Tracey– sent you an email for this awesome bracelet! Of course, I had to check it out ASAP! Let me tell you, the bracelet is gorgeous! Today, I was I am at hobby lobby to get the supplies (as Tracey is texting me the progress of her bracelet- it was stunning). They did not have size 5 seed beads, Tracey said she got size 6 seed beads and size 6 jump. rings. So, that is what I did too!

Another thing that I varied from the tutorial is I did not use waxed linen cord, I used DMC memory thread (I am truly in love with this stuff). Tracey said she used 1 mm leather cord. Used what you like best!

Here is my bracelet: Ice Arm Candy

GORGEOUS, right? So easy too! Seriously even if you don’t bead you can make this! It would be fun and cheap Girl’s night in project too!

Tomorrow, I will be back to tell you all about what I got from my bead soup partner and what I sent her! Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping in! Enjoy your day!


5 thoughts on “Ice arm candy!”

  1. Very beautiful Kim 🙂 It’s look complicated to make even if you say it’s easy 😀
    HAve a wonderful day!

  2. What, it’s that easy? It doesn’t look like it. I also love how you grouped the photos in three sections. It shows off your beautiful jewellery.

  3. I still remember when thea posted her picture from the bead soup blog hop with those offset jump rings. Now that she has the tutorial i can’t believe how easy it is!! I really need to get to michael’s for some jump rings.

    Yours turned out wonderful!!

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