Nurture Photography Week 2

I am trying out a new Photo Challenge. I had been taking a break for Photo Challenges but I am ready to get my feet wet again! SMILE! I got to spend a lot of time out in nature this week to nurture my soul.

The prompts are Yellow and Light for this week.


I know this one cover both yellow and light but I just couldn’t be done that easy.


The lights on this week just make me giddy!

Thanks for taking a look at my photos this week! Happy Friday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Nurture Photography Week 2”

  1. Wowza. You are so talented. Your photography has come so far along. Love them both, It’s interesting how you captured the sun and the yellow leaf like that.

  2. Both gorgeous photos Kim! How did you get the light effect in the second one? Special lens or just on macro?

  3. Beautiful light and bokeh in these shots! Thanks so much for joining us. Sorry for stopping by so late. 🙂

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