Butterfly love


A new necklace with a sweet and simple feel to it! It felt really good to get back to some bead embroidery. The aqua/blueish pendant hanging off the end of my work is from an artist here in my hometown Sherre Pechin of FiredandFused.

Butterfly Whisperer

© Alisha Manion
To some stranger you might be nothing at all.
But to me you are why I wake up in the mornings,
You are the reason why am not crying anymore.
You were the gentle man that came along,
And put together the pieces of me someone else had made.
Every time our lips meet its like we have made a trip around the universe,
Just me and you looking down on everyone else.
I know whenever those 3 words are going to be said it will be heaven on earth,
I will melt to the soil beneath your feet.
But now even being reminded you like me calls those butterfly’s to my stomach.
It’s like your voice has a secret code for the butterflies all over the earth,
Every time you speak they always show up.
Just remember,
To a stranger you might mean nothing at all.
But to me you’re my butterfly whisperer,
My smile.



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Tagged bead embroidery

4 thoughts on “Butterfly love”

  1. Oh wow, what an intricate necklace. Your work is so beautiful. I agree with Thanh, your photography is getting better and better.

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