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Do you accept people for who they truly are? The good, the bad,  the ugly….no matter what they are your family and friends? I think at sometime in each and everyone one of our lives we have not been accepted and not accepted someone. It is sad but true.

Back in high school,  I started drawing these masked tribal faces. My art teacher always said they are good but not ready to share yet. I was never really sure what she meant by that….thinking back I think I lacked a little detail in them. The reason these are back in the front of my mind is Rachel Andrews has been doing these fabulous tribal paintings. So yesterday, I set out with my watercolor supplies( my first love) and created.


No one should have to wear a mask to be accepted. Everyone deserves a million and one chances to get things right. Make sure you don’t prejudge someone and that you forgive always!

Thanks for stopping in to visit today!


2 thoughts on “Acceptance”

  1. Hi Kim
    Great post – thanks for sharing your tribal masks – I love them! They remind me of something but I can’t think what – if I remember I’ll let you know! What a shame your art teacher said they weren’t ready to be shared 😦

  2. I wear a mask every day at work. Gosh it’s hard to live life to it’s fullest sometimes. You are such an inspiration and really embrace life. I look up to you for it. Awesome tribal painting. You rock GF!

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