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Genuinely Jane Studios- Project Spring Birds

Hello Everyone and Happy Middle of the week! Today, I am here to show you an album I made with a Genuinely Jane Studios wooden book.

I  LOVE to take photos. My soul is very at peace out in the woods on a “nature walk”. This year, I have seen some birds that just make my heart “chirp” for joy. So, I thought making a book with the photos I took would be awesome.




Front cover- You can see the killdeer from page 3



Pages 2 and 3- The Robin (it’s my state bird) and the killdeer. Love them long legs 😉



Pages 4-5, The Male and Female Red Breasted Grosbeak. This sweet pair comes to my feeder every year for a day. This year they were here for 3 days. This has been one of Ben’s favorite birds for a long time. They came the day we got the news that my youngest son (Ben)  has a form of autism PDD-NOS (he is high functioning). Each morning Ben got up and talked to this pair. It was like they stayed until we could all deal with the emotions we were feeling.



I used the Artiscellar stencils right on the photo. It helps to blend the two together.

GJSbirdbok5-6Pages 6-7, The Bald Eagle and the White Pelican. This was my first time I had ever seen a White Pelican. It was the most gorgeous sight to see them fly! Amazing!



Close up of the Pelican pull out.



The back of the book. Now, I know you are wondering what is so special about a pair of mallard ducks? Well every spring they walk though our back yard. So, It is a joke that there’s no quacking about it once you see the ducks it’s SPRING. Okay Okay ….BAD pun!

Hope you enjoyed my Spring bird book! I LOVE the albums at Genuinely Jane Studios.  Make sure you check them out…OH and they are having a sale on Unity Stamps 34% off so hurry over and check it out!




3 thoughts on “Genuinely Jane Studios- Project Spring Birds”

  1. Fabulous work girlfriend. Your photography is awesome. What makes it so cool is that you incorporate your own photography in your artwork. I’m so sorry to hear about Ben. He has good parents that will help him through. Blessings.

  2. Gorgeous and don’t you just love watching those little Killdeers they are so funny. I know all will go well with Ben especially as caring and loving as you and Joe are. Hugs my friend.

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