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Art journaling

I’m going to “fess” up right now! I love to look at art journals, I love the idea of art journals BUT (here it comes) I hate to do them. I find that I start strong but after a few pages- usually I hate one of the pages…I stop! Since, it’s bound in the book I can’t rip it out? Or could I?? Well either way, I don’t I just stop! Forget about it for a while …and then it creeps back into my head. So, I try a new Art Journal as if  it was the “book” I got; however, the same thing happens! I have been seeing these SMASH and Sn@p books and I was like ohhhh pretty…I want one….they are so COOL…BUT here is comes again…I just know I am not going to be happy with them. I want to add my own stuff …even though the stuff is ROCKIN cool!

I have been pondering this for sometime. The boys and I have been doing daily activities of drawing and writing. I wanted a fun way to keep all this stuff together too! As luck would have it while grocery  store I seen some scrapbooks. Yeah, I know I don’t really scrapbook. I found an album for 5 X 7 photos – it was like a little portfolio. You could change the cover and back and add in your pages! It was perfect for $1.29!

So, first thing today the boys and I started our pages.

Each day I give them prompts. Todays are as follows:

1. You must draw something

2. You must color it

3. Must have details

4. Must have 3 handwritten words

5. Use any materials you would like

Ben’s Day 1  page:



He is in love with the sea and fish right now!

Sam’s Day 1 page:



His heart in baseball season!

Here is my 1st page:



This is a little different for me but Art journals make you skills grow, right?



Close-up of whale belly! LOL!

I am going to use a gelli art print on my cover



Each book as 36 pages. Fingers crossed, we get them filled! 30 days to a new habit!

Thanks for stopping in!



2 thoughts on “Art journaling”

  1. What a great way to get your kids in on it. My boy isn’t much into drawing but one page a day would be great for him to keep practicing over the summer.

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