Collage, Mixed Media, Shelf sitter

Fox mixed media painting



Today, I am sharing this 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch painting of a Fox who is enjoying life on his magic rug. Imagine if you could just stand on a magically multicolored rug and every thing in life was just as it should be. The sky blue, the sun shining, lovely green grass at your feet and gorgeous flowers to smell. Peace and love in your heart.  Well, that is how things work for Farley Fox. The minute Farley steps off the magical rug, he doesn’t know how his journey will go. Does he play it safe on the rug or not?  Stay tuned to find out….Ben (my 8 year old) is writing the story.

Thanks for stopping in to check out my new art. Hope you have an amazing day!




2 thoughts on “Fox mixed media painting”

  1. First of all…love love love the painting, but what’s even more special is that Ben is writing his story! Sooooo awesome. You should totally publish it.

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