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Am I the only one having trouble finding cute comfortable shoes?Are my feet just to BIG to be cute?  Instead of being totally frustrated  about it I thought I would journal about it! 7 more pages in my journal! Today was my first real day back in my studio! I am working on 4 projects at once I am crazy or what! LOL! Tonight I plan to start a new embroidery project too!


If you have a tips on cute shoes that are comfortable I would appreciate it!

Have a good day! Thanks for stopping in!



9 thoughts on “Shoes”

  1. I love your journal pages!! Sad! But not enough to entice ME join your team of beautiful collage ‘stuff’ artist. It would make me have to think more outside my box! But I LOVE to see your creativity!

    I’m a cheap shoe lover… but have found you get what you pay for. I’m still into the MUDD or LEI from Kohls, I like the thicker sole shoes (round toe)… I can NOT get into the shoes that come to a point with a 3 inch heel…. so un-practical for an ‘old’ midwest mom like me! Good luck in the great shoe search!!

  2. Good lord….I’ve been in Nike’s for MONTHS…nothing cute over here.

    Nice page 🙂

  3. Wonderful collage, appears 3D. I find some Skecher’s styles to be comfortable and cute.

    Cheap tennies, with no support are so painful the cute goes away.

  4. I love shoes, but I’m afraid Ottawa in the winter is the mega-capital for ugly boots. Cute shoes are neither practical or functional (no one would see how cute they are covered in snow!)

    Your journal is fabulous!

  5. Barefeet for me. Why?? Because there are no cute winter shoes that are comfortable! Oh, and when I have to leave the warm toasty indoors, I wear uncomfortable but pretty boots!!

  6. Well, I know your winters are hard. But at least on the sneaker front, I just got new Easy Spirit slip on sneaks. And I loved them, and Santa got me the same ones in black! Which in Florida, gives me a four season wardrobe. Seriously, try on the Easy Spirits. Not cheap, not too costly either. And the Mephisto are amazing. Which is what you should get for over a hundred for just sneaks….

    Loves, and wishing you happy piggy toes,…….LLB MMMTss

  7. Hello, K! Oh my gosh-your puppy embroidery project is coming along so beautifully!! You are such a talented girl who can do anything you put your mind too. Hope your feeling better too 🙂 Take care,

  8. A month ago I bought another 4 pairs of Aerosole shoes. They were on clearance for 9.99 to 19.00 and I had a 15% off coupon. Woo hoo!

  9. This made me smile!! They have to make cute shoes for girls with big feet….what do models wear? Surely they have big feet since they are so tall!!! LOL!!

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