Its a SNAP

Last night,  I told you all that I would be starting a new embroidery project. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to work on. In my good old bin of embroidery stuff I found this cute little puppy dog 3 Pc Chair set. It is vintage and on linen.  I really wanted to do a Valentine tea towel but I do not have any right now. So, I started this puppy dog set. I  had been reading on Craftster about favorite and must have supplies. The one that suck out to me was Q-Snap, it is a embroidery hoop.  So,  today I headed out to Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and pick one up! I got a 6 x 6 inch one. I am in LOVE it soooo much better than a round hoop!

Hope you are all having a wonderful and productive day! My foot is finally feeling better so I got all my Christmas stuff put away. Yippee! Thanks for stopping in!  See you all tomorrow- we are back to Fri-cake days. I am still working on the FORK- IT recipe book! SMILE!



5 thoughts on “Its a SNAP”

  1. This is so cute kim! You know me and puppies! I need to get one of those hoops or not hoops! It looks great. I bought some cross stitch magazines today with snowflakes in them and i am itching to get to it! hugs! Love you, ME

  2. That’s so cute. I am into a blog called heatherhalesdesigns. She does a ton of embroidery.

  3. Hey Kim, sorry about your weather! We will cut the grass tomorrow. Today we weeded and pruned and weeded some more. Sweaty day in South FLA. Fly yourself on down! Loves, Linda

  4. How beautiful, the way you use materials,
    ‘history’ and the moment.
    I followed a link from the Artful Eye’s site.
    Fun to find your site.
    Best wishes,

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