FORK it recipe book

Pages 7 and 8

Happy Fri-cake day!  Continuing on with My FORK IT Recipe book:

This is another one of my Gram’s recipies in her handwriting. Which I think is so gorgoeus! Along with some comments on the recipe from my brother!


Page 7


Page 8

We are getting snow and more snow! They are saying 9 inches today! Good lord I am sick of shoveling and 19 degree weather! I need a vacation! LOL! I promise I will post the rest of the pages from the FORK it book when I get a few minutes!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great weekend!



13 thoughts on “Pages 7 and 8”

  1. Who wouldn’t love a cookie that kicks ass??

    Happy weekend, Kim! Stay warm. 🙂

  2. I just can’t keep up. You are on a creative roll! Love the newest page in the fork it book. The puppy set is gonna be adorable. OK, well about the shoes. I’ve very nearly given up. I just got a new pair of NIkes for those on my feet all day days that are pretty fly. They have lots of silver on them. LOL

  3. “Kick Ass” wow that is so my husband! Some things just never change do they? Love how your book is coming along. I still need to get you those recipes dont I? Grandma did have beautiful handwriting.

  4. Whoa. Look at all that snow!! You seem to be buried in it. Love the snowman. You and the inkspots did a great job! Tell them I said that!! Sherri

  5. Love the snowperson! But afraid you can not head this way to get warm 😦 We haven’t had snow since before Christmas because of our Extreme Cold…everything is crystalizing into ice fog.
    K-love all the creative work you are doing on the blog!

  6. We’ve never had that much snow at one time! Your snow gal looks fantastic. So pretty and ready for a snow pal! Though I hope you don’t get anymore snow. I hate shovelling too.

  7. Looove your snowman! And his creators are adorable too! I too have had way enough of this snow!! Getting more right now!

  8. Cute recipe. Sheesh, you make everything look good. Happy belated Fri-cake day.

  9. What a restless girl you are!!! Every time I look for you you’re in a new place:)
    You DO need to go somewhere warm, my gosh! I could never live where it snows so much however my kids would love it. We haven’t had a really good snow in years. I think the snow gal is quite lovely:)
    Have a great week Kim!!!

  10. That is so cool! Sorry you’re so covered up with snow, but thanks for your willingness to let us see our snowperson kit in action. I absoultely LOVE what you did with it, and the addition of the hat made it special.


  11. Love the snowman! And the inkspots looked like they were enjoying the snow! I love the snow and can’t wait till we get a little more!

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