WI weather…

We got snow yesterday – we got snow today! Geesh I am ready for a trip to some place warm . Sick of shoveling,  sick of ugly boots, and sick of freezing! My friend Mary who is out in Florida missed out on seeing snow when she was on vacation. I say LUCKY gal but her and her daughter had made a kit to make snow person to make in the snow. They sent it to the ink spots and I to make them a snow person!


We did not get a nice wet snow to make a snow person but we made do! SMILE


Ink spots and cow snow gal!


After the cow snow gal was done. They had to play around in the snow! It is only 19 degrees so we could not be out to long.


Then the boys thought that they need a couple of trips down the hill in the sled!

*** All the photos are taken in front of my house. I can’t see the end of the street with all the snow we have gotten. ****

We are warming up with some Hot Chocolate. Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! Thanks for checking in on us!



12 thoughts on “WI weather…”

  1. great pics!! love the cowgirl themed snowperson!! you and the ink spots did a great job! it does look cold though.

  2. What an adorable snow girl you and the inkspots made. We’re forecast for another 8-11 inches of fluffy white stuff tonight and tomorrow. I’m ready for spring!


  3. Love your inkspots. Their cheeks are so red. Of course,I love the snow person too. What a great theme.

  4. What a sweet thing to do. I love that the kids are sending each other things, swapping for the next generation. So sick of snow here, too. Sorry you are so stinkin buried. Love the snow gal.

  5. Hey girlfriend, look at all your snow. Why do Americans think that Canada is always snowed under when WI has more snow than Southern Ontario? LOL. Seeing your boys bundled up, and with red cheeks, makes me think back to the days of when my kids were young and playing outside. Enjoy these days–they grow too quickly!

  6. Amazing photos! You really captured the snow gal!! Inkspots are adorable!!

  7. Ah Kim, looks like you are all having fun in the snow! I cut the grass this weekend, and pruned some hibiscus.And I am envious! I would love to feel snow and cold again. Just for a week, then come back home to Florida. I really miss the snow. The beauty of it, waking one morning and seeing ice on all the trees… and making snow angels.

    My stepson made me a sand angel at the beach a couple of years ago. Very nice of him, looked good. So, not a snow angel, but he sure tried!



  8. Your snow person is great! I can’t believe you guys have so much snow already.

    You can come visit here.

  9. How very adorable! I too have had enough of place to put it anymore!

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