Mixed Media Monday

Friend or Foe?

Hello Everyone! I have a really busy week and weekend on my plate! My step-daughter graduates from high school this week. So, I am busy helping get things ready for her graduation party. Last night while trying to unwind from a long day- I read my Cloth Paper Scissors- I found this article on making clutch purse out of fused plastic bags! Then I though about the theme at Mixed Media Monday this week. Which is FRIENDSHIP. I love to go shopping with my girlfriends and look at pretty handbags. Plus I have a love hate friendship  with my sewing machine! So thinking WAY OUTSIDE the box. I went with this friendship clutch.

First I want to say- I had a great time making this bag- it is a little funky- odd shaped- thread not so neat…but that is most likely how my friends would describe me! I think next week I will try to make another one but a small one for business cards!

Front of bag:






Thanks for stopping in! I hope you al have a wonderful week!



10 thoughts on “Friend or Foe?”

  1. There is just no end to your creativity! I feel terrible, I completely forgot about Leighias open house. I should be kicked in the butt for that. Bad bad bad. Where should I send her gift? I am so sorry!
    Love this clutch by the way. I cannot believe its out of plastic bags. It would be cool to do one with a spiral rope beaded strap! Love it!

  2. Really cool….someone just mentioned that article to me yesterday…I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Great recycling project. Ok, so my new thing is freecycle. Have you joined yet? I spent all weekend reading a new to me blog and she is totally into freecycle.

  4. Where oh where is my new issue of CPS? I’m dying to see this article. Completely gorgeous purse. How fun.

  5. Now that is way toooooo cool. Talk about funky–just like you and your pink hair–LOL. I’m always amazed and envious at how fast you see something on line or in a mag and then pop out an inspiration piece. You’re goooooooood!

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