It was a very very cold day here. They canceled school since with the windchill it  was -40 degrees! So, I did not get much done today with both ink spots home all day! Only one of our vehicles would start so I was stuck home all day! The boys and I tried to make the best of it! We had a nice nap under a pile of blankets, played lots of games and spent the night be silly!  Rumor has it tomorrow is suppose to be colder which would mean no school again!


Bath time fun


Night time fun!

Thanks for stopping in! Stay warm!



10 thoughts on “Freezing”

  1. OMG…..-40….are you kidding me? I walked 2 miles today and got a tan. 🙂

  2. Cold is an understatement! I never thought I would see the day where even the dogs dont want to be outside! Thats how its been today. Cute pictures. So, are you going to the pearl party? Lol! Love you.

  3. Stay warm! Can you image the electric and gas bill for this month? School has been cancelled already for tomorrow… dang… my day off and I wanted to go out to lunch with a friend… not that I need to stay home for the kids…. but it’s like an extension of Christmas Break! Won’t 32 degrees seem like a heat wave???

  4. Just look at those sweet faces. A day of silly fun sounds wonderful.

  5. I know the frigid, bitter cold all too well and share your misery. Darling photos of the boys. Stay warm and take care!

  6. Tell the boys I said hello. I’m sure they are having fun this winter with all the snow. It’s bad out here today and is supposed to be right through until Monday. I’m on 3-11 so it won’t be fun cleaning the van off to drive home. Have a great day and hope you’re enjoying the studio.

  7. I just came in from covering my plants! It’s even cold down here in S.FLA! Possible freeze tonight, though they say more like 35 on some channels. I can’t risk it, I cover my tender plants. What a surprise really. It is “see your breath cold” out there! Glad you’re back to posting, I missed you!

  8. Absolutely wonderful little box. Love the stitching and how you made the wings. Glad to hear you took a little time for yourself.

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