Do you repurpose???

How is everyone doing today? This is how my day is going so far. Up at 1am with Ben- up at 3am with Ben (gave him some pain meds) He goes back to sleep. 6am – Wake to screaming- Sam- “My eyes are on FIRE”.  Sam has a high fever- give meds got get more meds….blah blah blah-  Ben then gets up- ok I think you get the point the day is spinning in circles 😦 Two sick inkspots not a good combo! I guess it is FRIDAY the 13th!

Tomorrow is Mr. Ink’s Birthday. So we have been busy preparing for that! Don’t worry he does not read my blog! Not even sure he knows my blog address! LOL! Anywoo, I wanted to make some GREEN Birthday gifts for him. The only thing he really wants is a gun case and he got that with the money from his mom.

So, this is what we came up with:

For 99 cents


A record bowl. They are so easy to make here is a quick video. The cool part is if you do not like how you shaped the bowl you just put it back in the oven and do it over again. The inkspot picked this record so it frosty the snowman! LOL

Next for $1.96


We picked up 4 of these glasses at the local thrift store.  They are made out of the bottom of a beer bottle! Next to the glass is Lil William. Say HI!

Then for $1.99


We  made this little terrarium. I took the lid of it to get a better photo of the inside.

So for around $5.00, I think we got lots of good stuff! We had the best time making them all! Do you think he will be as creative for my Birthday? He only has the weekend to get his butt in gear! LOL!

Off to make him cupcakes now! SMILE

Thanks for stopping in to visit me today! Hope you all have a wonderful day!



12 thoughts on “Do you repurpose???”

  1. Love the idea of re-purposing. I love the terrarium – and the record bowl – that’s really cool! Happy Birthday to Mr. Ink!!!

  2. This ‘stuff’ is really cool. Way to go on the frugal!!! Is he crafty? Have you told him you want a crafty gift? They are not mind readers… you know (hee hee) Your inkspots will impress their girlfriends in a few years!!!

  3. Great gifts. That record bowl is way cool. Frosty the Snowmand, LOL. Those glasses are so interesting. I didn’t know they could recycle a bottle like that. The terarium looks like a fun project.

  4. I love repurposing and these all are wonderful projects! I know he will love your work! Hope you get a more restful night!

  5. Great ideas Kim! I love the Little William…too cute.
    Happy Birthday to Hubby!!

  6. great gifts kim!! he will love them, my fave is the terrarium, but I bet his will be the record bowl!
    and of course the cupcakes!!

  7. Hi K,
    I hope your little inkspots are feeling better today 😦 Your birthday presents you made for hubby’s birthday are wonderful and so fun-just love them!
    Take care, hugs,

  8. Your projects are really great! I hope your little one will get better really soon. It’s not fun having sick kiddos 😦
    You and your husband are really close by for your birthday!! I hope you will have a great time this weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Ink! That present is the coolest. What you manage to come up with! You always surprise me 🙂

  10. I love what you made for Mr. Ink. Now I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the cool pink and yellow vinyl records I saw last week. Happy Birthday to your hubby, but mostly happy birthday to you, K! They say it’s your birthday…..

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