It’s my party!

The rumor is true today is my Birthday! Yes, Mr. Ink and I are only 2 days apart ! Born the same year at the same hospital even! Yesterday,  I got to spend the day with Chelsea going to the Stamp show near her house. It was a blast. We had the yummiest food all day! Thanks Chelsea.


Cupcakes for breakfast


Gorgeous flowers from a wonderful friend. Love you J!

Here is the card that I made for Joe for his Birthday.


I used two 4 x 4 coasters for the front and back then fan folder paper in the inside for messages from the boys. Made two loops with ribbons and closed it with a paper clip. The paper clip I added the big star from the cake on it!  The super fun cake image is from Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs.


Sam’s page


Benner’s page

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! We are having gorgeous weather for this wonderful day!

Thanks for stopping in!



15 thoughts on “It’s my party!”

  1. omg- you were together as babies in the hospital??! THAT IS COOL

    Happy BIRTHDAY, Kimmy Kim!!!

  2. Happy birthday!!! I went to school w/a guy who was born the same day, same hospital & his mom & my mom were roommates (back in the day!) I would have never dated him tho. LOL Hope your day is full of special!!

  3. O Happy Day! McKim!!!
    You should do a tutorial! I’d love to see how you did this! Love the paper clip closure too! Where’d you get that?

  4. Happy Birthday Kim! I wish I felt better so we could get together. Hopefully soon. Love you!

  5. happy birthday Kim!! I love your yummy & pretty cupcake. what a wonderful card you made for Joe, he will love it. go kick back and have a rita, it’s your b-day!

  6. Happy Birthday, Kim! Looks like you and Mr. Ink both had great birthdays. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday girlfriend!!!

    Have a great one … I had such a great time yesterday!!!

    How fun … eating … stamping … eating … stamping …

    Love ya!

  8. Happy Birthday, Kim!!!!! I’m glad that you have had a wonderful day.

  9. I did not know those fun facts about you and Joe. It must be destiny! Any birthday that involves cake and flowers is a great bday.

  10. Happy birthday to you and Joe! Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day! Lots of hugs and kisses.


  11. Happy Belated Birthday~ To You and Joe

    This card is way cool, clever girl.

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