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On a jet plane

My step-daughter Leighia has been out in New York City since Wednesday with her mom. They are flying back today! Leighia was really good at tormenting me with text and photos of NYC (J/K I loved everyone).  My dream has always been to see a Broadway play and see the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade! Well, she saw two plays- Chicago and The perfect crime. She said they were both amazing! Leighia also posted some photos on facebook of things they did. I promptly stole her photos (evil laugh). Did some photo magic and made made her this mini book. I got the instructions for how to make this last weekend when I was over at Scrapbook News and Review. I am getting ready to run it over and put it in her mailbox, hoping that I do not get arrested. LOL!


The whole book


The inside- Page 1


Page 2-3


Page 4-5


Pages 6-7


Page 8 and back of book


These are the pages that go inside the pages- since they all have pockets. The backs of these I left a spot for Leighia to journal about her trip or add more photos if she wants! Hope is she is pleasantly surprised and likes the book (fingers crossed)!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We got snow storm on Saturday and they say more is on the way tomorrow! BOO!

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful Monday!



18 thoughts on “On a jet plane”

  1. OMG! You are amazing. What a thoughtful and gorgeous gift. I’d love to see the look on her face when she gets this. Great job. The SNR ladies are gonna love this, you’ll have to link it up over there.

  2. Wow Kim, I can’t believe she’ll be anything but thrilled with it! What an awesome gift.

  3. Kim, this is awesome. You’ve put a ton of work into this & she’ll love it! What a great surprise!

  4. Awww….Kim that is so sweet of you to do that for her. She will be so touched. Looks like they had a fantastic time! I envy them getting to take a trip like that together. I wish I could do that with my girls. I guess jess and I had our trip to texas together though. That was lots of fun too. I really like this book. You did an amazing job at it.

  5. Kim, this mini book brought back so many memories. I Love NY and every time I go back home I try to visit different places there. You did a fantastic job on this scrapbook, and I know your stepdaughter is going to absolutely love it. Wish I could see her face when she finds it.

  6. Oh NYC is such a special place and now Leighia will have a VERY SPECIAL memory of her trip! Yes she is a beauty and love seeing the pictures of her but my favorite is her quiet moment “chillin” starring out at the Statute of Libery.
    Terrific book Kim…I am sure she will love it!

  7. AWESOME! You could go in to the scrapbook making business! I am sure she will treasure it for many years to come. What a terrific stepmom you are.

  8. wow, wow, wow!!! AWESOME job!!! she will treasure this for sure! and how cool that it will be a surprise. I loved it

  9. Wow, you did an awesome job! I’m sure that your stepdaughter is going to love it. Mickey

  10. i loved the book! it is truely amazing and i love the colors and quotes heehee

  11. You truly ROCK Kim!!! What a fantastic thing to do! I’m glad leighia loved it!!!

  12. Makes me homesick. New York will always be my home. It’s a great city. I hope someday you’ll get to live your dream!

  13. You are so thoughtful! And ambitious! If I post some photos on facebook, will you make me a mini album? LOL She’s going to be so surprised, and will absolutely love this!

  14. OMG this sooooooo rocks! You are the coolest step-mom around!! Looks like she was having a ball. Won’t tears come down when she receives her book. Love what you did with this–esp the colours!

  15. WOWIE!! This book is wonderful. She will treasure it always. You need to make more of these! 🙂

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