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Can we drink it????

Yesterday, was just a fun day! My friend Jenni emailed me this link to some crafty stuff! One of the links was for scented watercolors! Being a watercolor lover, I just had to try it! You take a kool-aid packet (unsweetened) and 1 teaspoon of water. This makes your watercolors to paint with! Once the watercolors are dry, if you scratch them they smell.


The mix









After we got to playing around, I wanted to see what all you could do with these made watercolors. So, I stamped some images and colored them- made some background paper. Then this card was born.


I hope this inspires you to give kool-aid watercolors a try! They are so much fun!

Thanks for stopping in! Each comment brings so much joy to me!



9 thoughts on “Can we drink it????”

  1. Very cool and the kids have to love it. Your card is happy and fun! Two things that make a card just perfect for the recipient! I love the way the colors are so tonal but you did such a perfect job blending them and making them look so different where needed. And of course the gel pen was the icing on the cake. I think it is so cool that you get your boys involved in crafting/art. My niece (16 now) came to live with me two years ago. I had visions of us crafting together. Yeah, that was my personal fairy tale! You can lead a niece to piles and piles of paper and crafting supplies, but you can’t make her craft!

  2. Super awesome. I love all the elements together, color, texture, staples, SU! punches. Very cool!!!! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see more of your work, and what the boys do too!

  3. Kim,
    It’s really wonderful to see all the great projects you and the boys get involved in.

    I’d probably add rum to that mix instead of what and have a drink while painting.

    As always Sammy and Ben really are great little artists , take after their mom.

    You finished card, fantastic! I love your painting more.

  4. You are so cool! You are the best mom around! I’ll be the inkspots loved this project. TFS.

  5. Wow!! This is cool and the card you made with this is just stunning!!!

  6. Wonderful experiment in color and smell. Love this. Did anybody lick the paint to see what it tastes like?

  7. I’ve got to try this with my DS. This looks like soooo much fun.

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