Journal page

Seeking the truth

ouch and ben and lucy 006

The truth can be hard to hear but it is much better than a lie!



4 thoughts on “Seeking the truth”

  1. At first I wasn’t sure what you were posting about..I’m glad it’s just a picture of one of your super cute journal pages. I love the circles with the white gel pen and then the line like a popsicle & sticks… those are on the card you made me.. and for some reason I am ‘drawn’ to them!!!
    Not ready for apple cider….yet!
    Happy Day!

  2. Awesome quote. And so true – hahaha! This piece seems a little sad to me, even though I love the colors and the artwork. You are always so original and I just love that about you! Nice job!

  3. There is a good reason they say the truth will set you free…. well put.

  4. Ouch, all right. Your page is so beautiful. You really know how to create beautiful backgrounds. Your topics are always so real and truthful. TFS.

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