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Show your beauty….

As, I teach my boys that beauty is  something that is way more than your outward appearance! It is how others see your soul and spirit too. I think sometimes we all get caught on working on our outward appearance that we forget that to be beautiful you need to work on the insides too!

A rose has many layers. All have to be beautiful or the whole flower is unattractive.


5 x 7 inch page, watercolors, black pen, and white gel pen

All this thought came from going to Ben’s meet and great at school. It was shocking to me that almost everyone of  Ben’s class mates and parents knew Ben. He knows NO one by name! So finally after a brave moment I asked one of the other Mom’s what her daughter said about Ben. I was assuming that it was he was in trouble all the time! He is very high spirited! LOL! This mom tells me that all the girls in the class have a crush on Ben. Her daughter told her the first day of school that Ben was a HOTTIE! OMG, we are talking about 4 year olds! I guess this explains Ben getting his hair pulled by two girls now! LOL!

Speaking of Hottie’s- this is how Ben drew Mr. Ink!


Have a wonderful day! Come back tomorrow for the Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs weekly challenge! IT IS HOT!!!!



5 thoughts on “Show your beauty….”

  1. Hottie-watch out mom! Love to see the ink spot drawings. Should we say Mr. Ink should worry about the size of his butt, since we’re looking at your ears–LOL.

    Your journal page is awesome. I love that rose!! You rock GF!

  2. Beautiful rose! Your highlighting and shading really makes it pop! Too funny on the little hottie! 🙂

  3. Kim, this is lovely, and so true! It is so important to teach this quality to children when they are young, and to continue while they are growing up. Love the new drawing, too! Maybe you could scan Ben’s artwork into your computer and make it into a small book. I think it would be a best seller!

  4. Gorgeous Rose GF and Mr Ink is definitely a Hottie great drawing from the little Ink Spot.

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