Happy Fall

This is my favorite time of year! Apples, pumpkins, bats, and scary monsters! What’s your favorite part of fall???


* Supplies*- TAC Halloween set, CM punches, hand stitching, OMS and color pencils, staples, paperclip, and ribbon

Hope you enjoy the first day of FALL ya ALL 🙂



4 thoughts on “Happy Fall”

  1. I love the crisp, clean smell in the air. The smell of ginger and nutmeg. Pumpkin lattes and leaves crunching beneath my feet.

  2. Very cute! Do you pre-punch the stitch holes or just have a sharp threaded needle? I like fall fashions… but it’s got to be the ‘right’ temp. Wanting to wear sweaters and it’s 60 out, yuck… or a cute jacket and it’s warm in the place you are going too…. love fall colors!!

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