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Back in the saddle again

I have been off track of my goals for a while. You might say I took a detour. Even though the scenery has been nice I have to get back on the  path to success if I want to ACHIEVE my goal.


*Supplies- Watercolors, black pen, vintage paper, gesso, and white gel pen*

Have a wonderful Thursday! Thanks for stopping in!



6 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again”

  1. Love it! Great looking cat! So, how does the text come through the white areas? This is a fun page!

  2. Thanks so much Peggy! I am really trying to be comfortable with my drawings- you are sooooo much better than me! This style is me!

    Gesso is on the vintage paper- it makes it so you can still see some of the text under it- Pretty cool!


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