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Just Play

How often do you just play? Get out some art supplies and play! No rules, no deadlines, not anything you have to do ? I really NEVER do that any more. I have to say watercolors are my first love. They always have been. In high school we taught children 5 years old, to watercolor and work together on a painting. It was the best time. It made me want to be an elementary school art teacher. It never happened but now any chance I get to make “art” with kids I do!

A couple of weekends back my niece Kate (age 5) was up at the family farm when we were. We broke out the peerless watercolors and worked together on a couple of paintings in my art jounral. She has an awesome eye for color and design! We had a blast!

The finished piece


Of course Benner, wanted to play too! This is the piece we worked on together:

Then as I was hanging out with the neighbor girl- Leah ( she just turned 3).  She wanted to try out the watercolors too!

Finished piece


Here are a couple of my “Just Play” pieces:


So go ahead and “Just Play”, it’s a lot of fun! Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Just Play”

  1. BEAUTIFUL Kim! Love the raibow of colors and your doodling is always exquisite.

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