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Crack of the Month Club

Carla Sonheim sent out her newsletter yesterday with this great link to her Monthly side walk crack of the month. I have never done one before; however, the boys and I have taking her art of silliness class and have her book! Both are fabulous.  Ben’s favorite way to draw is the blob method. Any ways, I have been feeling in a rut lately. Not sure what direction I want to turn …art wise what truly makes me happy. So, when this “assignment” came up. I though well heck yeah, lets do this what do I have to lose???   I really didn’t have a lot of time to work ( 30 minutes) and didn’t want to drag out a hundred supplies.

First let me show you the crack (if you want to try the “assignment” make sure you grab it off Carla site.



Then the supplies I used= pencil, cheap white acrylic paint, a cheap black pen and watercolors.



Here is what I came up with:

IMG_7921 IMG_7925


I am not sure what you seen in the cracks but this strange elephant like creature is what I saw. I have to say…that this little “assignment” has put me in a whole new frame of mind. Seems so silly that 30 minutes with a hand full of supplies totally helped me clear my mind. I have committed to 30 days of  30 minute little paintings!

Thanks for stopping in!



1 thought on “Crack of the Month Club”

  1. LOOOOOVE this! It reminds me of doodle ATC’s I used to do. Did you ever do any of those? You basically took a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock, took a sharpie and drew lines and swirls over it, then cut it into the ATC size pieces and had to create art in what you saw in the lines. Too fun!

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