Life Book 2014

Child’s play painting

So, I have been busy working on my Life Book lesson for this week. The Joy of Intention with Alena Hennessy. I have to admit before this week, I have never heard of Alena. But, I can tell you that I am smitten with her work and style. I’m going to admit some of these weeks of Life Book have been difficult for me and some just not my think. Alena lesson made me feel so free and happy! Some how when I take classes I get lost in WHO I AM…and I hate that. Feeling like I have lost my style. Painting by intuition, without a plan was awesome.

childsplayLB2014 childsplayLBfull


Thanks for popping in to visit.  Enjoy your day!



2 thoughts on “Child’s play painting”

  1. OMgosh this totally rocks my universe. You know how I love bright colours. I can’t stare at it enough!

  2. This is awesome and so beautiful. Hope you find yourself in this, because it’s great!

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