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LifeBook 2014

One of the things, I wanted to do this year was learn to make some “Me” time. So, I signed up for LifeBook 2014. The first project/page Tam had us do was a guardian angel. Drawing “real” looking people is not my thing..but I gave it a go.



One of the other lesson was from Carla Sonheim.  It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Carla’s and have taking a few of her on-line classes. Carla always has you reach in and grab that inner 7 year old artist that we love to push out of sight!



A few of my favorites- Making flowers out of scraps, paint blob animals, drawing blind, drawing with non-dominent hand, and one liners.

Each night the boys and I have some art time. Some night’s it just a quick activity and other nights it’s more involved.  One of the activities Carla had us do was washi tape animals. So, I asked the boys to do it with me. I am over the moon excited about the results!



Sam’s bird- I am giddy in love with it! I am thinking it needs to be made into a pillow, t-shirt or something cool.




Ben’s animal- I am so in love with that eye and toes! So stinkin cute!



My bird- So fun!

I have to say, I am loving the LifeBook class so far! Doing things I would have never done and loving it!

What’s everyone else working on? Thanks for stopping in today!



2 thoughts on “LifeBook 2014”

  1. Your girl is so pretty. You do so well with people, even though you think you don’t.. I’m so glad you’re enjoying some art time for yourself, and it’s always a joy to see you working with the boys. Love the washi animals. I’m going to sign up for a stencil on cards class.

  2. Wow, again. Those birds! I think they would make great prints to make wall hangings!!?

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