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April- BJP

Some how, I got a little behind on my BJP for April. I think part of it was my theme  this month…its a hard one for me . April is Sexual Abuse and Rape awareness month. Being a survivor of Sexual abuse even after it is gone is something you live with each day of your life. I wanted my necklace to centered around surviving, I used a butterfly on my collage to show the flight of your journey you take to heal. The colors: teal is the color for Sexual Abuse and Rape Awareness, Orange is for the color of all the sunsets I watched praying that tomorrow the abuse would end, and the black is for all the dark days of abuse.

Also, I tried some new stuff with the piece. The shape, a new stitch (thanks Tracey), and a new size (21/4  inches x 2 1/4 inches)

Thanks for checking out my piece! I think it is one of my favorite pieces I have made so far in the BJP!



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Happy Plank Day

Life has been very busy, with lots of family issues going on. Hopefully we find all the answers we need soon and then everyone will then me on the mend.

Today, I de-stressed a little by heading to my studio! Here are the new planks, I came up with. They are all scrabble tile size.

Then, I did one of my bigger pendants:

I will be updating my Etsy shop, in the next couple of days! So, be on the look out!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Thanks for stopping in!


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Happy Mixture

Things have been a little upside down since my surgery on Monday. I am doing pretty well. Hoping to get the stitches out on Tuesday! Praying that the all the nerve damage is only from swelling and will go away. Fingers Crossed!

Here is the piece, I had hoped to have done for today…

Hope to show it to you finished soon!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!



Fly Happy

Last night, I gave you a peek at the pendant I was working on. This is my first attempt at bead embroidery. I have looked at so many websites and tutorials online. I think I did, ok….lots to learn that is for sure! This pendant is far from perfect. But bottom line is,  I had a blast learning…I was flying happy *wink wink*

Here is the work in process:

Here it is finished:

I think it need something more than one simple black cord. What do you think?

Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂 Hope you are having a nice relaxing day!


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i heart macro- holiday flowers

As, I am not able to get around very well right now (see the surgeon in a couple of days), I had to be creative this week.

Here is what I have been working on- bead embroidery pendant. I have lots to learn! Anyone have any good resource for me?

Christmas cactus

poinsettias in many pretty colors

decorative cabbage

Cat bed party. I know this is not a macro shot but it’s cute! SMILE

Thanks for taking a peek this week! Enjoy your week!



First instinct

You hear people say all the time trust your gut feeling or o with your first instinct! Do you follow your instinct? For me about half the time I do.  The other half, I don’t. Sometimes,  I pay for not listening and other times it works out!

I used my new peerless watercolors on this piece! I am really loving them. I wish I would have gotten them sooner. Guess, my first instinct was correct!

Thanks for stopping in today!



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Jade Scott Flower Blog hop

At the begin of the month Lorelei had a sign up to win the chance to work with of Jade Scott’s enameled flowers! I signed up for a chance and I WON! I got flower one #3!

So, I have been thinking and thinking what I would do with this gorgeous gorgeous flower. Finally, I had a plan…got it almost done and did not like the beads I had to go with the rest of it! So, Black Friday my SIL Tracey and I went to our local bead shop after we had some coffee at the local coffee house. I found the perfect beads!

“Green eyed brave girl”

Supplies: Jade Scott enameled flower, Pendant from my etsy shop, beads from local bead shop, chain for thrift store, and toggle from Artbeads

Here is a photo of me wearing the necklace…my 6 year old took the photo 😉

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Thanks so much for taking a peek at what I created! Hope you enjoy the hop!



Strumming along

Things have been very busy here at the Hutch household. We have been working on a home improvement project, that is almost finished. Of course Mr. Hutch is getting ready for the big buck hunt this weekend along with our oldest son turning 9 this weekend.

So, things are strumming along…..

I am working hard on getting things ready for the virtual craft fair and a couple other secret projects that I can’t share just yet.  So, I thought I would share my newest enameled piece.  Practice Practice! SMILE!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!Thanks so much for stopping.




I have to say, that I am loving this enamel kit from Barbara Lewis. I was up late working in my studio last night. It is so exciting to see how the colors mix and build. It is a lot of things that , I love about glass fusing but at a quicker speed and of course different materials. Cutting out a shape out of metal- sanding it getting it ready to add enamel too! Making it your own. LOVE!!!

Here is the bracelet, I made last night:

“bits of love”

Close up of the enamel piece

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for stopping in!