CHA Summer 2012

Okay, here is the skinny on my one day on the floor at CHA ( I took some workshops and went to some seminars) ! I first want to start with this: I might not be your typical person. Yay, I guess you all ready knew that! LOL! I guess my point is….every year that I have gone to CHA (3rd year) I am disappointed 😦 Not disappointed in the Show but in people. Some one I have had a crafty crush on for years..that I swooned over their blog, artwork, and personality. Then, it never fails I met them in person and BAM!!!! They are not the person they are online! I am crushed, I break up with them…unsubscribe to their blog…stop using their products….it’s so sad!

Okay, okay let’s talk about the good things about CHA! For me is seeing all the great displays and meeting fun people!  Here are some of the fun stuff I saw.




I did not take as many photos this year. I really wanted to enjoy the sights and sounds of the show. It’s truly a great place to find inspiration!

So, I will tell you this year as well as getting crushed. I also found a couple of new crafty crushes! Maybe, I will tell you about them later…not sure I should crush and tell!

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A little over a week ago, Chelsea and I headed down to Creative Cuts and Crafts to take The Big 40 class with Donna Downey.  First we started with breakfast at an Omelette House. It was a fun place and the food for great! Here is a picture of Donna after our 5 hour class. YES, five hours of learning 40 different techniques. Of course,  some you love and some you don’t. I got to try new things and meet new people! It was super fun!  

I thought, I would show you some of my favorites from the book we made:


Here is my super sweet book all filled with the 40 techniques:


After the class, I felt I might have bloomed a little more 🙂


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Collage, Photography


Right, the word I can use to describe my life is CHAOS. Not that is a bad thing, just is how it is. Seems like something is always going on, an appointment to get to, a place to be, need to get “stuff” done  etc…

First, I will tell you about my Bead Soup partner- Marta Weaver. She is one talented lady with two etsy shops- one that she sells her jewelry pieces (which are GORGEOUS)  and one that she sells supplies Dream Girl Beads.

We had to have our beads out by Monday:

Here is the the package I sent her:

This is what I sent her? Isn’t it pretty, yep I know I’m teasing you 😉 You will see it soon.

I did spent a little time in my studio working on this mini collage. I used some different materials to do the back ground then I normally work with. Alcohol inks! I used them over the acrylic paint.

The last thing I will share from my chaos, is Sam had to go up to the Big city to a specialist today at the Children’s hospital.  Of course to add the to the stress hubby locked the keys in the car! It’s wonderful they have a locksmith on staff! LOL!

On Monday, we will be going  back and spending the day! They will be putting Sam out to do some testing!  Saying prayers it all goes well and we get some answers!

We stopped at Gigi’s cupcakes on our way home:

It was a sweet ending to our day!

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Abstract, Photography


Last night when I took the boys to the library, so Benner could read with Maggie Mae.

As,  I waited for the boys to come up the stairs. I glanced over and see a painting. I  was like wow this looks so familiar. I go up to look closer and tears well up in my eyes.

The artist of the painting was my high school art teacher Kathy Belling. She did this painting in 1988 which was when I was in 10th grade. I was her peer assistant from 10th-12th grade! Mrs. Belling passed away in 1997 at the age for 47 from cancer!  She always inspired me and cheered me on. Mrs. Belling was a wonderful artist, teacher, and person.

The last thing, I want to show you is some packaging. I have been thinking about making these for a while. I think it makes a huge difference when you give a gift or send a package and it’s all pretty! But it also has to affordable! One of the things I love is back to school time. You can get some things so cheap like notebook paper! A huge package for cents! I grabbed a few punches, stamps, glue, inks, ribbon and poof!

What has you inspired these days? I plan on working on an abstract watercolor piece this week! I am so inspired by Mrs. Bellings work!

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We made it!!!

Yes, indeed we made it though the school year! WOO HOO! We wanted to do something special for the boys to show them how proud of them we are.

So, I’ll first show you what we made the treats:

The ticket on it says “Thank you, for making my knowledge “pop”!

Close-up! I even stamped little polka-dots on the clothes pins

Okay, on to the celebration!

Here is what we had set-up for when they arrived home from school!

First we had to stop for ice-cream 🙂 Morgan (Ben’s classmate and our neighbor) , Ben and Sam!

All the fun!

Of course after dinner we had to play a little UNO!

We hope you all have a wonderful HAPPY SUMMER!

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Boy art, Photography

Please, Forgive me!

Oh my heavens, I am late on drawing the winners of the blog candy! YIKES!

Well, this is what I have been up too!

Baking the boys art

Eating perfect pancakes with my guys

Playing phase 10, Thanks Gram!

Getting sweet gifts (a vintage card catalog) from my hubby

Making a tag for a challenge

Okay, a couple of tags! Te he he

Okay, Okay, the winner of the bracelet is Mary Rogers and the winner of the scrabble tire pendant is Donna Woods.  Thank you all for your patience!


i heart macro, Photography

I heart macro

Finally Finally, I have my camera back and it’s all fixed up from the good “Doctor”! SMILE! Tracey and I were able to sneak out for a couple of SHORT hours this Friday! The weather was wonderful!

Here are my favorite macro shots:

Thanks for taking a peek at my photos! Have a wonderful week!


earrings, Photography

Boundless Journey

This weekend, I was able to get away on a journey with a very special lady! We got in the car at 6:30 am and arrived back home at midnight. We causally made our way to Galena. Roaming around the streets of the down town and then we wandered back towards home. Stopping at any place we found interesting.  It was a great time. Even found my favorite ice cream Espresso Oreo! YUMMY!!!

What have I been up to creatively? I made a pair of earrings!


“Boundless Journey”

These teal butterflies really spoke to me with it being Sexually Abuse and Rape Awareness Month. One you are in the middle of sexually abuse you feel like you are in a boundless journey. Not knowing how to get out, you just keep floating in hope of finally being able to soar. I am hear to tell you that even with battered wings you can SOAR! Just believe and take one day at a time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit!


i heart macro, Photography

I heart macro

This week my camera BROKE, it is going to the Doctor on Monday! So, this week I only had my little point and shoot and my iPhone. Tracey and I were lucky enough to get out one day and go for a beautiful walk in Nature. We went to a new spot and just as we came out of the woods a guy came running out after he spotted /chased by a BLACK BEAR, we were only about 5 minutes from seeing. Excited and scarey all at the same time.

Okay here are the photos, I took with my iPhone:

This next couple were taken with my little point and shoot canon. I understand the “circle of life” not saying that sometimes, I like it very much. This sweet little bunny, I was only able to save from being lunch from a big nasty crow for a little while. His brother was not so lucky, the crow got him on the first scoop 😦

Thanks so much for stopping in to visit and check out my photos!

Enjoy your Sunday!


i heart macro, Photography

i heart macro

Another week of above average temps plus the boys being off school for spring break lead to lots of nature walks. I was able to get out with Tracey multiple times. I’m so blessed to have such an awesome SIL! I am very thankful for her friendship. Love ya, Trace!

Okay, here are my favorite Macros:

Then a little live trap humor:

Thanks for stopping in to check out my shots! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!