Small Fry – Inkystamper

Love this new small fry box die by Inkystamper. So many different treats you can put in this small fry box. Here, I put lifesavers in it. I paired it with the cicada set also by inkystamper. Isn’t it the cutest little cicada you’ve ever seen?

What would you use this small fry box die for? Birthday treats in? To put candies in?Love to hear your ideas?

Hugs, K-


Happy Birthday card

Today, I’m here to share another card using 2 sets from Inkystamper. The dragonfly set and the cicada set.

The flower is from the dragonfly set. I stamped it on wood then wood burned and painted. The super cute Happy Birthday sentiment is from the Cicada set!

Cute, Fun, and Fast card!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs, K-


Inkystamper launch

I’m here to share a brand new stamp set from InkyStamper. The set has 11 stamps in it.

I watercolored the dragonfly image with peerless watercolors and the grad cap with copics and white pen!

Closeup of the details. Paper shaped wings and glittered them. Such a fun image to work with.

Head over to InkyStamper and pick up this set! So much you can do with it!

This card was made for a very special graduate- Lexi! She is my bonus daughter! Calls me Mama 2.

Congratulations sweetie! I’m so proud of you. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do.

Come back tomorrow to see another project using this same set!

Hugs, K

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Blooming Love- BJP

Good Saturday Morning everyone-

I know I have got away from blogging but I am back. I will be posting every Saturday morning. Today, I am here to show you my Bead Journal Project for this year. Of course, I am all ready behind. But, I am hoping to catch up with week.  Tracey and I spent a lot of time talking about going outside our comfort levels and trying something new. So, I decide I would do circles with needle felting and embellished with beads.



Here is the piece as I got started.


Putting all the elements together.


Close up of it all done.



The finished piece.

Now let me tell you a little about the piece.  The birthday stone for January is Garnet and is normal red. Red garnets have long been associated with blood purification.  To me meaning a clean fresh start.  Blue is the color of loyalty and faith so I out lined some of the felting in blue.  I used red seed beads too to show power that you need to have a clean start. Yellow suggest freshness. the color gold is associated with wealth and prosperity which I believe comes with a new beginning. The key is to help you unlock all the doors you thought were closed or to hard to open. The wooden bead that says LOVE is to remind you to keep love in our heart.  Then you truly can have a blooming love all year long.

Thanks so much for stopping in.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my Bead Journal Project.




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2nd Annual Bead Hoarders blog hop

Hello everyone-

So, sorry I am late in posting my creation. I have been sick. I am starting to feel better now.Thanks, Lori Anderson for hosting.

Trust the Journey necklacebhtrustnecklace2014 copy

BHcloseupflower2014 copy bhtrustcloseup copy

The meaning of my Trust the Journey necklace:

Pendant-  The nest is a symbol of being strong and protected. (I created a collage on the back of a game piece)

The number 3 is a triangle- also meaning God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

The word trust means  belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.

The yellow’s meaning is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful.

Dream catcher- Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through… Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day.”

River Stone is known to hold powerful energy, providing the wearer with strength, energizing the entire aura, and speeding up internal and external processes.

(turquoise) color symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty

Copper has long been used as a healing metal.

paper beads mean a start and prayer. ( I made these paper beads out of some gelli art prints)

Cross- is the intersection of God’s love and His justice

Make sure you stop by Lori’s blog to see her creations and the list of other fabulous participants.

Thanks so much for stopping in today!




Micheal’s beading Challenge Blog Hop

When, I seen that Heather Powers and Lorelei Eurto were having a beading challenge using beads that just so happened to be 40% off at Micheal’s…I had to get in on that sweet action!

You could only use the 7 beads they selected from Micheal’s plus two other bead types and your choice of pendant. When I create a piece, I really have to connect with the beads. So, I spend a lot of time just look at them…sketching out ideas before I every get busy with them.  I knew for the pendant, I wanted to use one of the recycled game piece pendants that I make. As, luck had it I had one in my stash that was perfect with the colors.

Here is what I came up with: A breathe of glamour

mchallenge1 mchallenge2 mchallenge3



Of course, I need a sweet little part of earrings to go with this necklace too!


Thanks for checking out my pieces. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has made!




Needle Punch

Things have been really hectic here….so I have not had a lot of time to spend down in my studio. Plus, I have hit allergy season…spring and I are not BFF’s 😦

So, I have been doing some more needle punching.  It’s so fun and relaxing. So, of course I went all crazy researching all about needle punch. Ordered good supplies. I am still waiting on the gripper frame. Fingers crossed it comes tomorrow!



Of course Ben, had to give it a try too! He likes doing it!


A button jar- I used hot glue and melted a little of the string on the B…oh well live and learn.


A little love jar to put candy in


A tulip to put on a journal cover.

What is everyone else working on…I am finally heading back to my studio today. Monday, I will have a new project for you using Genuinely Jane Studios. I also got my beads from my bead soup partner so I will be sharing that real soon as well!


Autism Spectrum Disorder


Yes, I know it has been a long time again since I have posted! Sometimes life can be so challenging.  I am just going to put this out here and then we are all going to move on. As you all know at the end of the school year/beginning of summer my youngest son Ben was diagnosis with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1. Yes, he is high functioning. Which is a blessing and a curse all in one. People do not see him as a kiddo with ASD because sometimes he can hold it together and seem like a quirky fun boy. Other days we can’t leave the house because it is raining. Not one day is easy. Not one day is the same. Each kiddo with ASD are all different. I know we are blessed . Other kids are struggling with much worst things then Ben. I just want everyone to understand that NO matter what you are struggling with it is real and important. What you and your family feel matters.

I personally have know that Ben was different for years BUT to get a 17 page report to tell you your son is different and has ASD really takes the wind out of your sails.  As I took some time to sit and process this and cry. I  started slipping into depression. Not know what to do for Ben to help him be the best Ben he can be. Then we got word from our insurance company that our percent of the bill for Ben’s weekly ASD treatments would be $1000. As the tears rolled down my face knowing we can’t afford treatment for him. I feel  like I we are  failing him. How could they think that anyone could afford that. So, I tried to research what we could do at home to help him…..but depression is hitting me hard. I kept thinking I can’t do this. I can’t handle this.  Yet, I know that I have to…..so I am digging deep into my soul and praying. I know God is watching over us and will help us weather this storm.  Please keep us in your prayers. Each day we are growing and leaning things to help him deal better.

I have not be able to make it to my studio much but as I am climbing out of this depression….I am starting to do some projects 🙂 I have been working on some pendants and some other fun stuff! Coming soon, I promise!

Thanks for stopping in!





“Was it all a DREAM?”

Hey, everyone!  I’m here with The Greeting Farm today and I’m happy to report that no, it definitely was NOT a DREAM!
That’s right!  Today is the super special mid-month RELEASE DAY for the brand new mixed-media DREAM kit… appropriately titled “DREAMY”!   This jumbo-sized, 8.5×11 FULL sheet of stamps is available starting NOW over in the TGF STORE, so be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

This kit is so awesome! I made three more projects!
First, I made what I call a “Shelf sitter”. It’s a small piece of wood that is thick enough to stand on your shelf or table. this one is about 3 inches x 4 inches. I think these are perfect for a couple of reasons. They don’t take a bunch of time to make, so great gift. Plus, you know the gift receiver will have room for it!
TGFKHP2watermark TGF-1
Next, up is a popsicle stick journal. I like these because you can take the book apart and put it back together to add more pages. You can use a popsicle stick or a twig. Here are the instruction on making the book.
The last thing is a little belly band for some flowers. I made a rosette out of some paper that I had done a Gelli print on. Attach it to some card stock and put around vase. Quick and fun gift idea!
We have a super awesome lineup of Guest artists for you to visit today, so if you’re just getting here, be sure to start on the TGF BLOG for all the details, or you can continue here and just make sure you’ve visited everyone because ONE LUCKY WINNER who completes our hop today will WIN the DREAMY kit!
Here’s the order for today’s special release hop:
Be sure to stop right back over on the TGF BLOG to let us know you’ve completed the hop and you’re entering to WIN the “DREAMY” kit!   Winner will be announced first thing MONDAY morning on the blog so you have the weekend  (through Sunday, June 16th at 11:30pm CST)  to relax, hop, and DREAM of the possibilities of creating with this awesome new kit!
Thanks for joining us, everyone!