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Fox mixed media painting



Today, I am sharing this 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch painting of a Fox who is enjoying life on his magic rug. Imagine if you could just stand on a magically multicolored rug and every thing in life was just as it should be. The sky blue, the sun shining, lovely green grass at your feet and gorgeous flowers to smell. Peace and love in your heart.  Well, that is how things work for Farley Fox. The minute Farley steps off the magical rug, he doesn’t know how his journey will go. Does he play it safe on the rug or not?  Stay tuned to find out….Ben (my 8 year old) is writing the story.

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Crack of the Month Club

Carla Sonheim sent out her newsletter yesterday with this great link to her Monthly side walk crack of the month. I have never done one before; however, the boys and I have taking her art of silliness class and have her book! Both are fabulous.  Ben’s favorite way to draw is the blob method. Any ways, I have been feeling in a rut lately. Not sure what direction I want to turn …art wise what truly makes me happy. So, when this “assignment” came up. I though well heck yeah, lets do this what do I have to lose???   I really didn’t have a lot of time to work ( 30 minutes) and didn’t want to drag out a hundred supplies.

First let me show you the crack (if you want to try the “assignment” make sure you grab it off Carla site.



Then the supplies I used= pencil, cheap white acrylic paint, a cheap black pen and watercolors.



Here is what I came up with:

IMG_7921 IMG_7925


I am not sure what you seen in the cracks but this strange elephant like creature is what I saw. I have to say…that this little “assignment” has put me in a whole new frame of mind. Seems so silly that 30 minutes with a hand full of supplies totally helped me clear my mind. I have committed to 30 days of  30 minute little paintings!

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File Folders- Gelliart prints

Gosh, Life seems to be so busy all the time. This past Saturday, I helped out at Church on Holy Spirit Saturday by helping watch some of the older kids. So, I thought it would be fun to have them work with the gelli plate. We did file folders that they could keep notes of things they are thankful for in. Plus some frames.

IMG_7762 IMG_7763 IMG_7764 IMG_7765

Then we decorated them..with wash tape and stencils. The kids and I had a blast!



Here are my two completed folders.

closeupideafolder ideasfolder dreamsfilefolder


Everyone sure had a fun time!

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Upcycled Pendant Necklace

The dust of the past is finally settling down. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I have been walking toward that light, I have been evaluating what is really important to me. What direction I want to go. I have come to realize that my soul is happiest when creating art . Okay, that is just one of the things! WINK WINK…any ways we will get off this topic and on to the ART!

Here is one of my newest necklaces. Using one of my Upcycled Pendants-




What’s the best thing that can happen to you??

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Upcycled Pendants



It’s been a while since I made any upcycled pendants. Gosh, it felt great! I have forgot how much I LOVE making these little works of art! Look for more of these pendants SOON!

What has everyone else been up to?

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Jelly making and altered notebooks

Hello everyone,

We are on last full week of summer break. Then the boys will be back to school. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. But, right now I just want to enjoy the last moments of the summer.

One of things, I have been up to is Jelly making. This all started when we came back from vacation with a a big bag of chokecherries from the family farm.




Which then lead to making home made pesto from the basil from our garden.


Which then lead back to more jelly making…. 4 berry which was the recipe that Ball gave everyone for National Can it Forward day, Raspberry Grape, Raspberry Strawberry, and Cherry. I love to give them fun names but I heard some people don’t like them? What do you all think? ex- Uptown Cherry Jelly


Yesterday, the boys and I spent time getting together school supplies. We decided to “cool up” their notebooks. So we got out the Gelli  pad and went to town.

IMG_1538 IMG_1539




We has such fun making these! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this week! Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂



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Prayer girl

Hello Everyone,

I have a new painting to share with you today! Life can be a lot to handle sometimes but if we handle it with prayer life is so much more richer.

prayer girl


prayergirl2 partofprayergirl


Think about the little things in your life that make it better? In the end all those little things add up to a whole sum of GREATNESS!

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Walling Hang with GJS book

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad the summer is winding down. We got back from a week vacation. Seems, I just don’t have enough hours in a day to get everything done. Any ways, vacation was good. Got back and made 16 jars of jelly from the Chokecherries we picked. Then, I thought I needed to make homemade bread to go with the jelly. LOL! It was all down hill from there. Homemade cookies followed and then homemade pesto. It’s been a heck of a busy week.  Last night, I thought my soul would break if I didn’t make it down to my studio!

I had the Genuinely Jane Studios Wood Book- Barn Door G305. Which is on sale right now for $6.99 (hint hint). I thought it would make a cute wall hanging.  Lately my mind has been about people not being TRUE to themselves. Going with the crowd to fit in. Instead of being their own WONDERFUL self.







Be Yourself

by Ellen Bailey

Why would you want to be someone else
When you could be better by being yourself
Why pretend to be someone you are not
When you have something they haven’t got

Cheating yourself of the life you have to live
Deprives others of that only which you can give
You have much more to offer by being just you
Than walking around in someone else’s shoes

Trying to live the life of another is a mistake
It is a masquerade; nothing more than a fake
Be yourself and let your qualities show through
Others will love you more for being just you

Remember that God loves you just as you are
To Him you are already a bright shining star
Family and friends will love you more too
If you spent time practicing just being you

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Fishie Fish

Hello everyone, YES…I am still alive! Summer has been very busy.  Then of course, I get a killer sinus infection (that I am fighting now). You know the kind that half your face swells and your pain level is a 10. I got medication yesterday, hoping it kicks in soon.

Anyways, we have been doing a LOT of fishing. It seems to help keep Ben calm. We have fished in the rain, in the dark and it has been a great time.

IMG_6126 IMG_6250 IMG_6254


Ben had asked me to do a little fish shelf sitter for his room. So, here it is:







Thanks for stopping in to take a peek 🙂 Enjoy your FRIDAY!