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Moving along

Oh my heavens, I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I promised I would be back with some new jewelry and I don’t have any 😦 I have had migraines really bad for the last couple of weeks. Thank goodness, they are just a dull ache now. I can handle that!

I have really had to push myself to work on The Art of Giving class and I’m really far behind in that 😦 Plus those sweet little boys of mine want to do last minute summer stuff!

So here is what we have been up too.

Nature Walks (and playing in the creek)


Spending the day at the family farm and watering Aunt Kelly’s pumpkin patch



Spending some time at Stamp club working with A*muse Studio stamps. Chelsea always comes up with the best projects.


I also made a cute little candy bar card! It holds a huge candy bar! YUMMY!


Here is some of my Art of Giving work:




Today, I am headed to the Doctor to hopefully get some answers! Thanks for stopping in to visit! Have a happy Friday!


Art of Giving, Journal page


Last week, I got an email from Regina Lord that I WON a spot in her e-course Art of Giving! I was over the moon excited! Of course, I got a little behind right off the bat since Sam got sick. He seems to being doing better for the most part now. Still has his days of extreme pain 😦 Anyways…back to the Art of Giving.

Here is some of my class work.

Background for my journal

More backgrounds

Messy hands from all the fun

Messy desk

Page one-

Page two-

This is as far as I have gotten. I am hoping to spend the whole day tomorrow in my studio! I am so grateful I won this class! I can’t even say! I am having the best time! I am so working on some new jewelry pieces! I am super duper excited about them! Stay tuned!

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NO expectation

One of the things I tried at CHA was zentangle. I really like it, but it is suppose to be relaxing an calming. Putting you in a zen state. For me it got my panties in a bundle. Oh my goodness, am I mess this design up, I want an eraser, oh man I messed up.. I hate this. I think part of the problem is expectation. I fully thought that I would have a gorgeous black and white masterpiece when I was done. Plus looking on line at the designs and messing them up. It got me thinking, maybe this is not for me right now. Which in turn got me thinking about what really does relax me…ahhh watercolor chaos…oh yeah baby that is the ticket. So, I went off looking for a new watercolor journal.  I found this handmade was gorgeous but huge! Of course my boys talked me into it.

I really should measure this bad boy to know the size!



My studio assistant:

I had to get busy with it right away, with the rules no expectations and no rules. Just paint what I felt!


The side of the book- YUM


Page one complete in the BIG book!

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Off and running

Well, the summer is off and running! The boys got one day off of school (Friday) before they started summer school today! They had a lot of fun today but they hated getting up early! Summer school starts 15 minutes before regular school starts! Summer school is only 3 1/2 hours.

After I picked them up we had a quick lunch and un-plugged and played a game of Life! It is one of their favorite games to play on my iPad! When they finished playing, I asked them which was more fun the “board game” or the “electric” and they both said “BOARD GAME”!

Then we headed down to the library. I thought the explorer program started today, nope next week! UGH! But we still had fun! They love to hang out at the library!

Some of the fun we had at the library!

Once we got home from the library we started on our assignments! Yep, assignments in summer! LOL! Not from school from Carla Sonheim,  I signed us up for the Junk Mail Artist’s  book class. At summer school they do not have an art program so I thought this would be fun for all of us.

Our first assignment for JMAB- class was to do line drawings without lifting out pens and then to gesso 10-12 pieces of junk mail.

The boys did so great! They thought brayering the gesso was so much fun!

Here are mine, I did the warm up exercise of doodling your symbol too!

What is in plan for the rest of our day? Well, a walk, a nature movie (on arctic animals) and another game of Life! What do you all have going on?

Tomorrow, I hope to be back with some new little gems…I am having a heck of a time getting them to dry with this humid weather we are having!

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Sweet Pillow Talk

A while back when my niece Kate (turned 6 years old this week) was looking though my sketchbook with me and  then we just played. Here is the post about Just Play. Well, after a while she went back to a page in my sketchbook and said “How do I do that?”  In my mind it was just a bunch of doodling and a splash of color not a masterpiece! Nothing special!

I had it made into a pillow. NOW it is a Masterpiece! This pillow is 17 x 17.

I love how kids see things in a different light! I’m going to put on my kiddie goggles and head to the studio for a little painting!Watch out a masterpiece is in my future! SMILE!

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Sometimes at night, I just set with my sketchbook and play (usually while watching a baseball game). I use to worry that each page had to be a masterpiece. Now, I know that each page doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. With each page you learn something new. Plus if you are having fun just playing around that is enough!

So, here is a peek into my sketchbook. I’ve started sketching again. It feels pretty good, I will tell you!

Then, of course a couple of watercolor pieces. I just love the peerless watercolor. They make it so you can watercolor just about anywhere.

Hope you find sometime to play today! Thanks for stopping in! Oh, and I am getting close to my 500th blog post since I moved to wordpress. So, I think middle of next week.I will be doing a giveaway! So be on the look out for that!



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Just Play

How often do you just play? Get out some art supplies and play! No rules, no deadlines, not anything you have to do ? I really NEVER do that any more. I have to say watercolors are my first love. They always have been. In high school we taught children 5 years old, to watercolor and work together on a painting. It was the best time. It made me want to be an elementary school art teacher. It never happened but now any chance I get to make “art” with kids I do!

A couple of weekends back my niece Kate (age 5) was up at the family farm when we were. We broke out the peerless watercolors and worked together on a couple of paintings in my art jounral. She has an awesome eye for color and design! We had a blast!

The finished piece


Of course Benner, wanted to play too! This is the piece we worked on together:

Then as I was hanging out with the neighbor girl- Leah ( she just turned 3).  She wanted to try out the watercolors too!

Finished piece


Here are a couple of my “Just Play” pieces:


So go ahead and “Just Play”, it’s a lot of fun! Happy Monday!


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At peace with peerless

A couple weeks ago, Chelsea and I went to Madison to the Stamp and Scrap Expo.  Chelsea and I go to this show almost every year and each year……on the ride up to Madison, I say “I think I am going to get peerless this year”! Chelsea always says- sure you are! LOL! Of course, that is because I never get it!

This year a very sweet lady was demoing for them- Joanne Sharpe. Joanne, was just amazing to sit and watch (which I did for a good long while).  Made me want to run right home (after a stop for Ian’s mac and cheese pizza) and get to work. The other thing is peerless is a WI product (love that)!  Peerless is actually in Stoughton which is about 20 minutes from my hometown.

I have just let myself play with the peerless in my art journal-

Not drawing out the design just the peerless and brush! So much fun!

What is everyone doing for just FUN these days?

Thanks you so much for stopping! I enjoy all your comments!


Journal page


As I am  continuing  to working though the lessons in Tam’s class. We are working in a board book this week with transfers and whimsy people. I still need to do my transfer but I did do my whimsy page.

I have to say I am pretty happy with my page. The circle turns and on every page. I have left it blank for now since I am not sure what I am going to put on it!

a close up for my people

This week other than learning how to make some cute whimsy people! I also learned I had some things from my childhood to deal with. I will not go into it all but I will say….this healing is doing me good!

Thanks for all your kinds words and support. It means the world to me!


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Another Try…

So, here I am with my second attempt at a person!

I feel I am getting better! I am not so freaked out to be working in an 11 x 14 journal! I do need to order some single flesh color watercolor crayons!But, the main things is I having a ball playing!

Hope your week was fun! We had an early Birthday Party for Sam with his classmates! Tons of FUN was had!

Sam sitting on the pumpkin that Poppy craved for him! It totally ROCKS and so does POPPY!

The family!

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping in to visit!