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Can we drink it????

Yesterday, was just a fun day! My friend Jenni emailed me this link to some crafty stuff! One of the links was for scented watercolors! Being a watercolor lover, I just had to try it! You take a kool-aid packet (unsweetened) and 1 teaspoon of water. This makes your watercolors to paint with! Once the watercolors are dry, if you scratch them they smell.


The mix









After we got to playing around, I wanted to see what all you could do with these made watercolors. So, I stamped some images and colored them- made some background paper. Then this card was born.


I hope this inspires you to give kool-aid watercolors a try! They are so much fun!

Thanks for stopping in! Each comment brings so much joy to me!




Just another Manic Monday….

…wishing it was still Sunday! How was everyones weekend? Mine was busy busy and SUPER DUPER FUN!

Friday night we started off with Movie night at a friends house! We had pizza and popcorn. The kids played and watched the movie. I soooo got my butt kicked in Farkle! LOL! Beginners luck , Jen! LOL!

Saturday we went on a train ride with Grandma J! We all have a blast! Seen the most gorgeous bird that looked tropical not sure what it is doing in WI!!!


After we got back from the train ride we headed over to a pool party until Mr. Ink got done golfing!

Then on Sunday we headed out to the minor league baseball game! The boys won free tickets for reading books at the public library! Oh my heavens we had the BEST time! I could see being a season ticket holder!!!


Also inbetween all the fun we did squeeze in a little art time. Sam wanted to make a Farkle score pad!


Thanks so much for stopping in! Our weather this week is suppose to be pefect! 75-80 degrees all week long! YAHOO!



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Well, Color me June

How in the world does each month just roll on bye? I can hardly believe it is June already! I can’t wait for school to be out. One week from tomorrow and YES we are counting down the days. LOL

How was everyone’s weekends? Mine was really nice even with Mr. Ink having a horrible sinus, eye, and ear infection. I got to go on a coffee date.  Got to look at the most beautiful view of the river. I just love being around water. Maybe it is because I’m a Pisces!


T-ball has started! So, far we have got rained on both times! UGH! But boy oh boy are the kids have a good time.


Colored me some Layer Love – Lesson 5


The whole kit-and- cadoodle!


Close-up One


Close-up view 2


Close-up View 3

That’s all I have for today, Folks! See you all again soon! Thanks for stopping in to visit!



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What out Moby Dick!


Look how cute Sam’s shark is? He made it at school! I HEART IT!

I guess we are all in the Sea mood.Even been thinking about redoing my front room with an Ocean theme!

5 x 7 background “Seaport Pocket”


This is from Layer Love lesson 4! I am having a blast with this class, Julie is the best teacher!

Have a great Thursday! I am working with some of my background for another poject…Can’t wait to show you what I did! SMILE!

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We have had 3 gray icky days of 40 degree weather and rain! Please bring on the sunshine and warmth!


Self portrait- I am getting my hair cut in a week of so? Any suggestions on how to get it cut??


Benner and Mary


Sam and Toby

Hope your day is filled with color! Thanks for stopping in!



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Do you see it???

We have been very busy around the house doing things with Mr. Ink on vacation! Finally all the yard work is done.  Today, when I got up to let Toby out I saw a sign that it was a day to get a little work done in my Art Journal. It was lines in the sky (Julie sees these all the time) . Since, my body is old and all that yard work did me in yesterday, I did not run back into the house to get a photo. I did use a photo of the sky I had taken a while ago.


It felt great today to kick back and get paint on my face and in my hair! Have not done it about 2 weeks!

How do you know when Spring is here? For me, it is this pair of ducks that walk though my backyard each year!


They so look like they are talking to each other! te he he!

Today was an exciting day at Casa Ink- The school the inkspot goes to is celebrating 50 years! Mr. Ink was a student there for the 25th celebration! It was lots of fun and we got home before the rain! Yah!


Update- Sam is starting to feel much better! They are thinking he has an allegry to Cow’s milk protein. We will see a specialist next month! Thanks so much for all your support and  prayers. I really appreciated it!

Have a wonderful night! We are going to kick back and watch the smurfs! I am way excited! Did you have a favorite smurf???



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What’s your Spring buzz?


Monday was the start of spring back here in the Ink household! We have been so busy just enjoy the simple things in life.

Each day we do whatever the ink spots want. This is our list of things we have done:


-balloon volleyball

-kite flying

-hotwheel races

– walking the dogs

-making rice krispie treats

-dying Easter eggs

– going on a treasure walk

-movie night from inside the tent inside the house!

– working in the garden (aka Sam went bug hunting)

– tball practice

– art time 😉

Here are some photos of the highlights:


Finding the cache!


Benner’s kite


Sam’s favorite time of the day. Coloring hotwheel pages with my colored pencils!


Benner at Art time

We still have a long weekend with Mr. Ink to look forward too! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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It’s my party!

The rumor is true today is my Birthday! Yes, Mr. Ink and I are only 2 days apart ! Born the same year at the same hospital even! Yesterday,  I got to spend the day with Chelsea going to the Stamp show near her house. It was a blast. We had the yummiest food all day! Thanks Chelsea.


Cupcakes for breakfast


Gorgeous flowers from a wonderful friend. Love you J!

Here is the card that I made for Joe for his Birthday.


I used two 4 x 4 coasters for the front and back then fan folder paper in the inside for messages from the boys. Made two loops with ribbons and closed it with a paper clip. The paper clip I added the big star from the cake on it!  The super fun cake image is from Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs.


Sam’s page


Benner’s page

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! We are having gorgeous weather for this wonderful day!

Thanks for stopping in!



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When the chips are down….

…..go do something creative! LOL! It has been a hard few days and I am exhausted. Today,  I got the newest of my assignments for Art Journaling 102- only one more lesson left! BOO HOO! Even though I am so sleepy I wanted to play.


We are continuing to build on layers! I use this photo of the boys in the bath tub (it is one of my favorites). Since,  I am so exhausted I dropped paint on Ben’s head in the photo and then tried to fixed it up. I true sign I should have just taken photos today! Are you wondering why I keep using the number two in my work??? It is my favorite number! te he he

Here are a couple of photos from last week:

Orange roses that Mr. Ink gave me for our Anniversary:


The cardinal that was sitting in the tree in my backyard:


Thanks for peeking in on me today! Hope you enjoyed your visit! I am always glad to see you! SMILE!

Have a wonderful day!